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The Don (also known as Overboss, Crime Boss or Godfather) is the leader of a crime family. The Don receives a cut of every operation taken on by every member of his family. Depending on the family, the Don may be chosen by a vote from the caporegimes of the family. In the event of a tie, the underboss must vote. In the past, all the members of a family voted on the Don, but by the late 1950s, any gathering such as that usually attracted too much law enforcement attention. Sometimes, the Don chooses his own successor.

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Typically, a Don will put layers of insulation between himself and any acts. Whenever he gives orders, he gives them in private to either his underboss, consigliere or one of his caporegimes, who in turn pass them down the line.

Edward Don

Notable Dons

Don't Tread On Me

New York

Corleone family

Barzini family

Tattaglia family


Cuneo family

  • Ottilio Cuneo/Carmine Cuneo

Stracci family

  • Anthony Stracci/Victor Stracci

Maranzalla family

Maranzano family

Mariposa family

Clericuzio family

Don Felder

Borgetto family

Migliaccio family

Rossario family

United States

Chicago Outfit

Zaluchi family

Forlenza family

Tramonti family

Falcone family

Molinari family

Panza family

Virgilio family

Greco family

Drago family

Coniglio family


Corleone cosca

Malo clan

Indelicato clan

Clemenza clan

Don Quixote

Siano clan

Arzana clan

Don Piddu's clan

Marcuzzi clan

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Buccilla clan

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Quintana clan