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The Great Recession that began in 2007 is now more than four years old—and counting. Some 24 million Americans are unemployed or underemployed, and at recent rates of job creation we won’t be back to normal levels of employment until late this decade. This is a tragedy. Do we have to accept it?
“No!” is the resounding answer given by Nobel Prize–winning economist Paul Krugman in this call to arms. We have seen this situation before and we know how to fix it; all we lack is the political will to take action.
Krugman walks us through the financial crisis that triggered the greatest downturn since the Great Depression and outlines the efforts that have been made thus far. The way forward is clear. Our priority must be to get ourselves back on the path to growth; every day that we lag behind normal production levels only adds to the astronomical economic loss of this depression. What we need for a rapid, powerful recovery is precisely what we’ve needed in crises past—a burst of government spending to jump-start the economy. We owe it not only to the unemployed, but to everyone affected by this tragedy to end this depression now.
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End This Depression Now! PDF Free Download


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The basic premise of the book – ‘ End This Depression Now! ‘ is based on Keynesian analysis of a prolonged recession and liquidity trap. The basic argument is that there is a deficiency of aggregate demand in the US economy. This lack of demand has led to lower economic growth, higher unemployment and a growing cyclical deficit. Read Online End This Depression Now and Download End This Depression Now book full in PDF formats. A regime with many of the virtues of pre-depression, free.

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By Paul Krugman “End This Depression Now!” is the plea that makes the persuasive case that we indeed have the knowledge and tools to get out this depression. Nobel prize-winning economist and best-selling author Paul Krugman provides his usual intellectual clarity and sound suggestions on how best to end this economic depression. End this depression now Paul Krugman is an extremely knowledgeable economist who has written a well researched and detailed perspective on our current crisis. The book can become a little heady at times, but the reader will certainly walk away with a much broader understanding of how we arrived in our current situation and become better.