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Title: Make Time Pdf How to Focus on What Matters Every Day

Jun 08, 2019 Buy a Kindle - Download Ebook Master Your Workday Now: Proven Strategi Free PDF Online. Master Your Workday Now: Proven Strategi is my personal favorite commodities published this workweek. Since encouraging its unparalleled excogitation, changed and from now on suited no more than on your own. Author: Michael Linenberger. Publisher: New Academy Pub. Category: Business & Economics. An efficiency expert offers a time management system that will create a greater sense of accomplishment at the end of every workday.

“Too often, we get bogged down in the demands of each day and struggle to find time for what really matters. In this powerful book, Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky explain how small changes in the design of our days can give us more time for the people and activities that energize and fulfill us. Essential reading for anyone who wants to create a happier, more successful life. –Gretchen Rubin, bestselling author of The Happiness Project and The Four Tendencies “As someone obsessed with time and how to spend it wisely, I loved this fun and useful book. Not your normal productivity fare.” —Ev Williams, founder of Medium and Twitter 'I defy you to read this book and not come away with ideas that make you happier and/or more effective in accomplishing what you want in life. It’s smart, entertaining, and packed with field-tested insights.' —Dan Heath, bestselling co-author of The Power of Moments and Switch 'Time is the single biggest ingredient for creative work. Time to focus, time to experiment, time to master creative skills. Make Time provides ways for each of us to find new reserves of that precious commodity. It is an excellent guidebook for taking control of the design of your life.'—Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO and author of Change By Design'Make Time is practical and engaging, offering tips on everything from designing your day to the benefits of cutting out cable news and eschewing plane Wi-Fi in favor of time away from work. Especially useful for me was the guidance on e-mail. It turns out that being slow to respond is a terrific way to take control of your time. (Sorry, colleagues.)' -Harvard Business Review “In today’s fast-paced, technology-saturated world, readers are sure to glean insights from this powerful book.” —Booklist, starred review JAKE KNAPP and JOHN ZERATSKY are obsessed with the idea of redesigning time. They’re the authors of the New York Times bestseller Sprint and the creators of Time Dorks, a popular newsletter about experiments in time management.JAKE spent 10 years at Google and Google Ventures, where he created the design sprint process. He has since run more than 150 sprints with companies including Nest, Slack, 23andMe, and Flatiron Health. He lives in San Francisco with his wife and sons. JOHN has written for the Wall Street Journal, Time, Harvard Business Review, Wired, Fast Company, and many more publications. For nearly fifteen years, he was a designer at technology companies, including YouTube and Google Ventures. Originally from Wisconsin, John and his wife now live aboard their sailboat, 'Pineapple.'

'A charming manifesto—as well as an intrepid do-it-yourself guide to building smart habits that stick. If you want to achieve more (without going nuts), read this book.'—Charles Duhigg, bestselling author of The Power of Habit and Smarter Faster Better
From the New York Times bestselling authors of Sprint, a simple 4-step system for improving focus, finding greater joy in your work, and getting more out of every day.
Nobody ever looked at an empty calendar and said, 'The best way to spend this time is by cramming it full of meetings!' or got to work in the morning and thought, Today I'll spend hours on Facebook! Yet that's exactly what we do. Why?
In a world where information refreshes endlessly and the workday feels like a race to react to other people's priorities faster, frazzled and distracted has become our default position. But what if the exhaustion of constant busyness wasn't mandatory? What if you could step off the hamster wheel and start taking control of your time and attention? That's what this book is about.
As creators of Google Ventures' renowned 'design sprint,' Jake and John have helped hundreds of teams solve important problems by changing how they work. Building on the success of these sprints and their experience designing ubiquitous tech products from Gmail to YouTube, they spent years experimenting with their own habits and routines, looking for ways to help people optimize their energy, focus, and time. Now they've packaged the most effective tactics into a four-step daily framework that anyone can use to systematically design their days. Make Time is not a one-size-fits-all formula. Instead, it offers a customizable menu of bite-size tips and strategies that can be tailored to individual habits and lifestyles.
Make Time isn't about productivity, or checking off more to-dos. Nor does it propose unrealistic solutions like throwing out your smartphone or swearing off social media. Making time isn't about radically overhauling your lifestyle; it's about making small shifts in your environment to liberate yourself from constant busyness and distraction.
A must-read for anyone who has ever thought, If only there were more hours in the day..., Make Time will help you stop passively reacting to the demands of the modern world and start intentionally making time for the things that matter.

Take control of your day TL;DR: Make Time has helped both my wife and I take much greater control over our days, helping us focus more on what fulfills and less on just marking days off of a calendar.There's a real line between being a productive person, and being a productivity person. Someone who focuses on so many 'hacks' or ways to get more out of every second, that efficiency in and of itself becomes to goal to the expense of everything else. That may be useful in a manufacturing job, but in our daily lives, there is surely more.This is where Make Time really shines. Far from being a mad dash to some invisible finish line, Make Time provides simple, easy to read tools that can be used to refocus on what truly makes you happy. The book is written as a bit of a toolbox, meant to allow you to take pieces that work for you, and leave the ones that don't. Using that approach has massively improved my lifestyle.As an example, after reading a few chapters in Make Time, I started having a morning ritual with my wife of making a hot cup of herbal tea, nuts, and cheese. Meanwhile, we would rearrange our chairs in our front room to face the sun and talk about what our highlights would be for the day as we watched the sunrise over the mountains, wrapped up in warm blankets. After that, I would perform a quick 7-minute exercise, ready to hit the day with a plan and energy to do it. I would frequently take a mental break in the middle of the workday, even giving myself opportunities to nap in my building's cell phone booths (with a visible 15-minute timer for passersby) to recharge my batteries and finish the workday hard. Then, on the ride home, I would meditate, newly recharging my brain and allowing myself to move on from work and to be truly present at home. Probably most importantly, I turned off almost all notifications on my phone. I noticed that when I was home, I was way more proactive spending time with my wife, getting things done around the house, and engaging in meaningful and fulfilling hobbies.My story isn't all that unique, but it has all amounted to huge changes in my quality of life. All of the things I mentioned above are simple changes that were integrated over time, I'm positive that if you pick up this book and try out its experiments, you too will find something in there that will help you become more present, more fulfilled, and more able to enjoy everyday life.Very practical guide to being truly productive, versus 'productivity' Make Time begins with the assertion that most of our time is spent by default, and that by changing those defaults, we can create more time in the day for things we care about. Much of the rest of the book is packed with short, actionable tactics for changing those defaults, organized into four clear steps of daily process. Better yet, the book is written with a sense of humor.In some ways, this book is the opposite of elaborate systems such as Getting Things Done (GTD), in that the framework is simple and the book provides a rich menu of tactics from which to choose. This way, as the reader, you can experiment and figure out which tactics work best for you.For anyone who has sensed days and weeks slip away while extremely busy, but without accomplishing things that truly matter, I enthusiastically recommend Make Time.

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Boost up your career in the most in-demand employee & Financial cloud-based technology with the “Workday Master’s Program” developed By CloudFoundation.

Get Trained on the most demanded Workday Course by yourself prepared by world-class professionals. Get hands-on experience on various Workday technological modules, including Workday HCM, Payroll, Finance, Compensation, Benefits, Recruiting, Studio, Integration, Time Tracking, Prism Analytics, BIRT, Leave& Absence Management, Talent Management etc.

Workday Self Master

You will get access to our 16 Workday Courses self-paced video training.

Tenant access:

You will get right away with one year of Tenant access.

Workday HCM

This course prepares
you for progress through your workday HCM

Workday Integration

This course prepares you to understand the Workday Integration Architecture and associated integration.

Workday Finance

This course prepares you to learn the necessary fundamentals required for you to begin financial management.

Workday Payroll

This course prepares you to learn the complete payroll process, data and costs.

About the Workday Selfpaced Master Program

The program developed with CloudFoundation will make students/professionals industry-ready for Workday job roles.

What can I expect from this Workday Self master’s program?
Upon completion of enrollment, you’ll receive the following :

  • One year Tenant Access
  • Get access to Videos & Materials with lifetime validity
  1. Workday HCM (40 Hours) – Retail value $359
  2. Workday Integration (28 Hours) – Retail value $359
  3. Workday Payroll (18 Hours) – Retail value $399
  4. Workday Finance (30 Hours) – Retail value $399
  5. Workday Advance Compensation (25 Hours) – Retail value $399
  6. Workday Benefits (25 Hours) – Retail value $399
  7. Workday Prism Analytics (15 Hours) – Retail value $399
  8. Workday Recruiting (30 Hours) – Retail value $399
  9. Workday Studio (18 Hours) – Retail value $399
  10. Workday Time Tracking (10 Hours) – Retail value $399
  11. Workday Leave & Absence Management (05 Hours) – Retail value $399
  12. Workday LMS (08 Hours) – Retail value $359
  13. Workday Basic & Advance Reporting (10 Hours) – Retail value $399
  14. Workday BIRT (05 Hours) – Retail value $399
  15. Workday Advanced Studio (40 Hours) – Retail value $399
  16. Workday Talent Management (06 Hours) — Retail value $399

You can avail this bundle pack (16 courses) deal in a never or forever situation by paying only $999 (Actual Retail value $6264)

What are the learning objectives:

CloudFoundation Workday master’s program helps you achieve the required skills to master Workday in all aspects. The skills focused on this program prepare’s you for your dream career.

Who should take this Workday Self master's program?

Whoever is working in the Finance and Human resource field can choose the Workday master’s program.

It’s a better career option for HR and Finance background employees to move Workday for having profitable growth.

The workday master program will be an excellent choice to learn all the advanced modules present in the Workday.

What are the Prerequisites for this Workday Self master's program?

There are no such prerequisites to learn Workday Course. Any professionals/Freshers can choose the Workday master’s program to shape their career.

What kind of opportunities do I get after completing this Workday Master's Course?

In this present generation, it is becoming difficult for companies to overcome their business challenges. Workday’s cloud platform provided them the solution and aids in addressing the various challenges related to business requirements.

The main area of concern for any business is to manage the employee and finance. Workday provides the perfect platform to overcome that challenge.

In contrast to this, companies are looking out for professionals, which opens plenty of opportunities. Based on several reports and statistics, Workday provides decent compensation on their current packages.

Following are the job roles available for Workday:
Workday Consultant
Workday Analyst
Workday Architect
Workday Functional Consultant

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Workday HCM

Workday HCM is one of the demanding cloud-based technology that integrates all HR services into a single system. Suppose an organization has a powerful HCM solution that can attract and retain talent. In that case, it can increase hiring speed and quality to recruit the right candidate. Automate any task that requires manual operation. Manage your Oraginsations workforce, such as recruiting, assigning tasks, and tracking the employee work.

Course Content


  1. Overview
  2. Core Concepts
  3. Business Objects
  4. Worklets
  5. Basic and Additional navigations


  1. Organization types
  2. Supervisory organizations
  3. Reorganization
  4. Setup of supervisory org structure
  5. Managing supervisory organization
    1. Creating subordinate organization
    2. Dividing a supervisory organization
  6. Additional org types
    1. Matrix Organization
    2. Company Creation
    3. Cost Center Organization
    4. Location
    5. Location Hierarchy
    6. Region
    7. Region Hierarchy
  7. Organization hierarchies
  8. Organizational assignments on supervisory org
  9. Organizational reports


  1. Types of staffing models
  2. Configuring individual staffing model
  3. Hiring restrictions
    1. Position management
    2. Job management
  4. Differentiating between staffing models
  5. Maintaining staffing models


  1. Job profiles
  2. Job profiles and localizations
  3. Job profiles and compensation Grades
  4. Management level hierarchy
  5. Differentiating job profiles, job families, job family group
  6. Creating job profile (Task)
  7. Positions
  8. Managing filled and unfilled positions
  9. Creating positions (Task)
  10. Edit position restrictions and Edit position


  1. Compensation Overview
  2. Compensation Components
  3. Compensation Elements
  4. Compensation Plans
  5. Compensation Grades, Grade Profiles and Steps
  6. Compensation Package
  7. Compensation Eligibility Rules


  1. Security groups
  2. Security group types
  3. Configurable security
  4. Functional areas, securable items and security policies


  1. Business Processes Overview
  2. Navigating to a Business Process Definition
  3. Supervisory Organizations and Business Processes
  4. Creation of a New Business Process from Scratch
  5. Editing a Business Process
  6. Condition Rules
  7. Adding a Custom Notifications
  8. Copying a Business Process


  1. Creating applicants
  2. Hiring in supervisory organizations
  3. Assigning user-based security groups
  4. Hire into position/job management
  5. Staffing movement
  6. Termination
  7. Mover workers and inactivate supervisory organizations
  8. Workday accounts Viewing personal data
  9. Rescinding a Process
  10. Compensation Changes

Additional Functional Topics:


  1. Recruitment process
  2. Job Requisitions
  3. Job Applications
  4. Questionnaires
  5. Posting templates
  6. Offer templates
  7. Career sites


  1. Time Calculations
  2. Time Calculation groups
  3. Time Calculation eligibilities
  4. Time Tags
  5. All Time Calculations
  6. Time Tracking Templates
  7. Time offs
  8. Time Off Types/Plans
  9. Time Off Calendar
  10. Holiday Calendar

Workday Integration

Workday Integration is a cloud-based software that integrates different HR Application services to/from Workday. One can use Workday Integration Cloud to combine various HR services within the application. With workday Integration, you can collect data from multiple sources with ease.

Course Content

1.Workday Integration Overview


3.Reports & Navigation

4.Terminology & Concepts Of Business Objects

5.Creating Custom Reports (Report Type: Simple)

6.Editing Custom Reports

7.Advanced Report Type Prompts & Advanced Filtering, Fields from RBOs,Sub sorts&Sub Filtering

8.Contextual Reporting

9.Totalling, Outlining & Grouping Report Data

10.Report Security – Sharing

11.Locating Reports

12.Scheduling Reports

13.Report Management & Other Configuration Features

14.Matrix Reporting Details

15.Core Connectors

Integration Architecture Overview, Integration cloud Connect, Integration System templates, Core Connector: Worker, Integration Services in Core connector, Change Detection Procedure in Core Connectors, Document Transformation Integration XSLT Formatting using XTT and ETV, Integration business Process.


EIB Overview, EIB Design Pattern, EIB Limitations, Workday Public Webservices overview, Workday Reports-as-a-Service, Developing an Inbound EIB, Developing an Outbound EIB, Custom Report Transformation, EIB Features, Loading Customer Transactional Data into Workday using EIB’s.

17.Workday Studio

Workday Studio Overview, Overview of Assembly Components, Creating Assembly Projects, Message Flow through Assemblies, Using RaaS and Workday Web Services, Testing and Debugging Studio Integrations, Advanced Studio Concepts, Exception handling in studio.

Workday Finance

Workday Finance is a cloud-based system that tracks all the business-related transactions and can generate detailed reports whenever required. Thus you can have complete information on the transaction process to plan, forecast, and analyze your business growth. Secure all your financial and operational data in one place. Several companies are using the Workday financial system to track all the business transactions.

Course Content
  1. Core Concepts and Navigation
  2. Organizations and Work tag’s
  3. Financial Accounting Setup
  4. Account Posting Rules
  5. Accounting Journals
  6. Suppliers
  7. Work tag Usage and Custom Validations
  8. Supplier Invoices
  9. Banking and Settlement
  10. Customers
  11. Customer Invoices
  12. Customer Receipts
  13. Business Asset Setup
  14. Business Asset Lifecycle
  15. Troubleshooting
  16. Security and Business Process
  17. Budgets
  18. Financial Reporting
  19. Report Writer
  20. Implementation Sequence Considerations

Workday Payroll

Every organization requires a payroll system to process the employee’s salaries according to their pay scale. Workday Payroll system is a single system that provides real-time visibility into ledgers. With Workday Payroll, get full access to the payroll process. Integrate any payroll system from around the world with the Workday payroll to enhance your workforce

Course Content

1. Introduction to Workday Payroll.

2.Setup the Payroll Processing Framework

  • Period Schedule structure
  • Run categories
  • Defining payment election rules
  • Pay Groups
  1. Defining Earnings and Deductions
  • Earnings
  • Deductions
  • Info required to define Earnings and Deductions
  • Explore Bonus Earning
  • Paycomp Groups
  • Criteria
  • Calculation details
  • Compensation Elements
  • Time earnings
  • Benefit plans
  • Paycomp security group
  • Costing
  • Limits
  • ROE(Canada)
  1. Federal, State and Local Tax Reporting
  • Overview of Tax setup
  • Setup payroll taxes
  • Set up Company
  • Setup Company,Federal,State and Local Tax setup
  • Define Tax authority exception
  • Setup worker Tax elections
  • Multiple work tax jurisdictions
  1. Set up Withholding OrdersOverview of Withholding orders
  • Identify disposable income for a witholding order
  • Create deduction recipient
  • Record the details of the Withholding Order
  • Editing support order
  • Amend or Terminate a support order
  • Processing priority of a witholding order
  • View Withholding Orders for a Worker

6. Set up Payroll Accounting Overview of Payroll Accounting Run Payroll Accounting and Review Accounting Results

7.Set up Banking and Settlement

  • Over view of Banking and Settlement Configuration
  • Prerequisites to Banking and Settlement Configuration
  • Define payment election rules
  • Configure payroll payslip
  • Configure check print layout
  • Define bank accounts
  • Define Routing Rules
  • Pre note runs
  • Configure Settlement
  1. Configure Roles and Security
  • Overview of Roles and Security Groups
  • Pay component Based Security
  1. Define Business Process
  • Overview of Business Processes
  • Payroll Specific Business Process Chapter
  1. Payroll Input and Processing
  • Overview of payroll input process
  • Enter an override
  • Make a special Entry
  • Loan configuration and Re payment
  1. Payroll process On cycle and Off cycle
  • Run and Complete a Payroll
  • Process an off cycle Manual Payment
  • Process an off cycle Reversal
  • Process an off cycle on Demand Payment Testing Approach – 2hour

Workday Benefits

Workday Benefits Allows you to provide and manage your employee’s benefits program with an intuitive interface. Many organizations adapted Workday benefits to realize how much they value the employees to providing the services& benefits. Workday allows you to customize the benefit plans that you are planning to implement for the employee. You can add benefit plans like Health, pension, insurance, and retirement.

Course Content

Master Your Workday Now Pdf

  1. Benefit overview
  2. Benefit providers
  3. Benefit coverage types
  4. Benefit group
  5. Benefit worker eligibility
  6. Benefit dependent eligibility
  7. Health care targets
  8. Insurance coverage targets
  9. Benefit related bps
  10. Open enrollment
  11. Benefit events
  12. Enrollment event rules
  13. Passive event(scheduling)
  14. Auto enroll
  15. Benefit plan year definitions
  16. Enrollment instructions
  17. Electronic signature
  18. Individual rates

Workday Studio

Workday Studio is a unified Eclipse-based program that allows us to develop complex integrations in the workday cloud environment.Workday studio integration is a powerful and highly customizable integration. Workday Studio IDE contains The following

  1. Assembly Editor/Working Area
  2. Palette
  3. Project Explorer
  4. Cloud Explorer
  5. View Area
Course Content
    1. Introducing Workday Studio
    2. Workday Studio Install
    3. Workday Studio Navigation Tips
    4. Studio Runtime Architecture
    5. Building Integrations: Using the Assembly Editor
    6. Workday-In transport services including Launch Parameters, Integration Attributes, and Integration Attribute Maps
    7. Mediation Context to access properties & variables using MVEL expressions that are used throughout the integration system
    8. Workday Studio Debugger
    9. Error Handling Best Practices
    10. Inbound Integration
    11. Integration Components
    12. Common Error: Expiring Job
    13. Studio Log file and Consolidated Report
    14. Best Practices
    15. Additional Resources
    16. Identify resources for troubleshooting errors
    17. Utilize the consolidated report and log file to obtain information about errors
    18. Awareness of common errors and how to resolve them
    19. Describe integration components
    20. Identify causes for common errors such as Expiring Job
    21. Obtain information about errors using the Studio Log file and Consolidated Report
    22. Define best practices
    23. Review additional resources
    24. Inbound integrations
    25. Outbound integrations
    26. Complex protocols

Workday Prism Analytics

Workday Prism Analytics is one of the integral components of the Workday System. As the name suggests, it analyzes data from various source systems within the Workday, which HR and finance departments utilize. Workday Prism Analytics mainly deals with Data blending, Data management, and Data preparation.

Course Content

1.Steps: Set Up Tenant for Prism Analytics

Steps: Set Up Tenant for Data Discovery
• Data Management
• Concept: Prism Analytics Data Management Workflow
• Concept: Creating Reports to Import into Datasets
• Concept: Prism Data Sources

2.Dataset Concepts

• Concept: Datasets
• Concept: Dataset Workspace
• Concept: Dataset Schemas
• Concept: Dataset Schema Changes
• Concept: Publishing Datasets
• Concept: Dataset Pipelines
• Concept: Dataset Stages
• Concept: Dataset Field Types
• Concept: NULL Values in Datasets
• Concept: Prism Calculated Fields
• Concept: Hiding Dataset Fields

3. Creating Datasets

• Steps: Create a Dataset with External Data (SFTP Server)
• Steps: Create a Dataset with External Data (Upload a File)
• Steps: Create a Dataset Using Workday Data
• Steps: Create a Derived Dataset
• Import a Dataset into a Derived Dataset
• Upload a New File to a Dataset

5. Securing Data in Datasets

• Set Up Dataset Sharing
• Share a Dataset with Others

6.Preparing Datasets for Publishing

• Publish a Dataset as a Prism Data Source Manually
• Define a Schedule for Publishing a Dataset

8.Data Discovery

• Steps: Create a Discovery Board
• Steps: Create a Visualization
• Data Discovery Concepts
• Modifying Visualizations
• Filtering and Sorting Data in Visualizations


• Worksheets Setup
• Download All Comment Data
• Edit, Delete, or Purge Workbook Comments by Other Users
• Concept: Managing Workbooks
• Concept: Creating Reports to Insert into Workbooks
• Concept: Array Formulas in Workbooks
• Concept: Editing Workbooks
• Concept: Automatic and Manual Calculation in Workbook Formulas
• Concept: Data Analysis with Worksheets Functions

Workday Advance Compensation

Workday Advanced Compensation is a Review event in Workday introduced for a short period. The organization utilizes Advanced Compensation for recommending, reviewing, and making changes on compensation, bonus, and grants.

Course Content

1.Compensation Elements

– Frequencies
– Units of Measure
– Compensation Eligibility Rule
– compensation Element

2.Compensation Guidelines

– Compensation Grades
– compensation Grade Profiles
– Compensation Grade Steps
– Compensation Grade Hierarchy
– Compensation Step Progression
– Comp Step Adjustments

– Request Grade Change
– Adjustment to grades assigned to job profiles

3. Compensation Plans

– Salary
– Hourly
– Allowance
– One Time Payment Plans
– Commission
– Period Salary Plans
– Calculated Plans

4. Compensation Basis

– Types of Basis: MBT Manage Basis Total
– Std Compensation Basis (Total Base Pay/ Total Salary & Allowances)

6.Manage Compensation

Download Workday Studio

– Request Compensation Change
– Mas roll out / Removal of comp plans
– Expected end data – Plan Removal
– Allowance plans adjustments
– Severence

Workday Recruiting

Workday Recruiting is the best talent acquisition process to find, share and recruit suitable candidates for any organization. Even small size to large-sized organizations is adopting to Workday recruitment process. Manage your whole recruiting process with one single system, i.e., Workday recruiting. Workday Recruiting includes the following

  1. Sourcing
  2. Hiring
  • Onboarding
Course Content

1.Recruiting Basics

  • Set Up Recruiting
  • From Prospect to Hire
  • Search Prefixes for Recruiting

2.Recruiting Security

  • Set Up Candidate Security
  • Restrict Access to a Candidate’s Other Job Applications
  • Set Up Candidate Pool Security
  • Configure Segmented Security for Assessment Test Results
  • Segmented Security for Recruiting Questionnaires
  • Configure Segmented Security for Assessment Test Results
  • Configure Segmented Security for Recruiting Questionnaires

3. Recruiting Workflow

• Set Up the Recruiting Workflow

• Configure the Job Application Business Process

• Set Up Assessments for Candidates

• Set Up Background Checks for Candidates

• Automatically Decline a Candidate’s Remaining Job Applications

• Automatically Advance or Decline Candidates

• Automatically Decline Candidates for Filled Jobs

• Add Notification Delays to Recruiting Business Processes

• Configure a Flexible Recruiting Process

4. Interviews

  • Set Up Interviews
  • Set Up Interviews to Integrate with Microsoft Outlook
  • Manage Interviews
  • Configure the Interview Business Process

5. Job Requisitions

  • Set Up Job Requisitions for Recruiting
  • Set Up and Create Confidential Job Requisitions
  • Set Up Primary Recruiters
  • Set Up Spotlight Jobs
  • Find Jobs
  • Configure the Time to Fill Report
  • Create a Custom Time to Fill Report

Confidential Job Requisitions, Prospects, and Candidates

6.Evergreen Requisitions

  • Setup Considerations: Evergreen Requisitions
  • Set Up Evergreen Requisitions
  • Manage Evergreen Requisitions
  • Create and Edit Evergreen Requisitions
  • Close Evergreen Requisitions
  • Create Candidate Eligibility Snapshots
  • Evergreen Requisitions
  • Link Evergreen Requisitions to Job Requisitions
  • Move Candidates Between Evergreen and Job Requisitions.
  • Evergreen Supported Reports

7.Career Sites

  • Setup Considerations: External Career Sites
  • Set Up External Career Sites
  • Set Up Candidate Home Accounts
  • Add Location Hierarchy Facets to Find Jobs
  • Create External Career Sites
  • Create Internal Career Sites for Non-Workers
  • Set Up Internal Recruiting
  • Request Candidate to Create Candidate Home Account
  • Populate Job Applications with LinkedIn Profile
  • Populate Job Applications with SEEK Profiles

8.Recruiting Agencies

  • Setup Considerations: Recruiting Agencies
  • Set Up Recruiting Agencies and Agency Users
  • Enable Self-Management for Recruiting Agencies
  • Create Recruiting Agencies and Agency Users
  • Identify Duplicate Recruiting Agency Candidates
  • Recruiting Agency Management
  • Upload Multiple Workday Accounts for Recruiting Agency Users.
  • Enable Automatic Notifications for Recruiting Agency Users

9.Job Postings

  • Set Up Job Postings
  • Create Job Posting Templates
  • Post Jobs
  • Automatically Unpost Jobs
  • Google Jobs

10.Job Applications

  • Set Up Job Applications
  • Manage Job Applications
  • Set Up Job Application Templates
  • Create Job Application Templates
  • Enable Candidates to Withdraw Their Job Applications


  • Set Up Offers Configure the Offer Business Process


  • Set Up Prospects and Candidates
  • Create Custom Reference IDs for Candidates
  • Identify Recruiting Sources
  • Set Up Notifications for Candidates
  • Enable Candidates to Unsubscribe from Marketing Notifications
  • Manage Prospects and Candidates
  • Set Up Reminders
  • Create Prospects
  • Create Confidential Prospects
  • Take Action on Multiple Candidates
  • Manage Candidate Pools
  • Manage Candidates Using the Candidate List Grid
  • Resume Parsing
  • Find Candidates
  • Candidates by Active Stage
  • Manage Candidates and Prospects

13.Duplicate Candidate Merging

  • Merge or Link Duplicate Candidates
  • Manual Candidate Merging and Linking
  • Automatic Candidate Merging
  • Confidential Candidate Merging

14.Referrals and Endorsements

  • Setup Considerations: Referrals and Endorsements
  • Set Up Referrals
  • Set Up Endorsements
  • Set Up Referral Payment Processes
  • Hide or Require Optional Fields for Referrals
  • Invite Referrals to Apply
  • Manage Unmatched Endorsement Requests


  • Set Up Questionnaires for Recruiting
  • Add Eligibility Questions to Job Applications
  • Change Questionnaires Assigned to Job Requisitions
  • Reuse Questionnaire Across Multiple Job Application Stages

16.Candidate Self – Scheduling

  • Set Up Candidate Self-Scheduling
  • Manage Candidate Self-Schedule Events
  • Configure the Candidate Self-Schedule Event Business Process

17.Recruiting Hub

18.Recruiting Compliance

  • Request Personal Information from Candidates
  • Set Up Government and National IDs for Recruiting
  • Set Up Veteran Status Identification for Candidates
  • Collect Candidate Disability Statuses
  • Track Candidate-Related Mass Actions
  • Candidate Diversity Metrics
  • Ethnicity, Gender, and Veteran Status Reporting
  • Stored Candidate Profile Data

19. Recruiting

  • Can I cancel a recruiting event?
  • Can workers share a job posting on their social media network?
  • Can I have the same step multiple times in the recruiting process?
  • Can I correct or rescind a job requisition event when Post Job is a step in the business process?

20.Recruiting Compliance

  • Request Personal Information from Candidates
  • Set Up Government and National IDs for Recruiting
  • Set Up Veteran Status Identification for Candidates
  • Collect Candidate Disability Statuses
  • Track Candidate-Related Mass Actions
  • Candidate Diversity Metrics
  • Ethnicity, Gender, and Veteran Status Reporting
  • Stored Candidate Profile Data

Workday Time Tracking

Workday Time Tracking is a Time and Attendance application accessed anywhere. It is user-friendly for both employees and employers. Managers can quickly work on it and can approve any process by streamlining complex processes.

Course Content

1. Contents

  • Time Tracking Basics
  • Time Tracking Hub
  • Time Entry Setup
  • Time Calculations
  • Time Entry Validations
  • Period Schedules
  • Work Schedules
  • Worker Eligibility for Time Tracking
  • Time Tracking, Payroll, and Absence
  • Entering and Correcting Time
  • Reviewing and Approving Time

2. Time Tracking Basics

  • Set Up Time Tracking
  • Enable Time Tracking for Mobile
  • Time Tracking Links on External Sites
  • Time Tracking on Mobile

3.Time Tracking Hub

4.Time EntrySetup

  • Set Up TimeEntry
  • Set Up Work tags for TimeEntry
  • Set Up Tax Locations for TimeEntry
  • Select a Time EntryMethod
  • Create Time EntryCodes
  • Create Time CodeGroups
  • Create Time EntryTemplates
  • Set Up Time Clock Event MatchingOptions
  • Set Up Time EntryCalendars
  • Set Up TimeSubmission
  • Set Up Effort Certification for TimeTracking
  • Set Up CalendarTotals
  • Set Up Project TimeEntry
  • Set Up Time ShiftOptions
  • Defer Time Clock EventMatching
  • Set Up Statutory Holiday Eligibility(CAN)
  • Set Up RequestOvertime
  • Project TimeEntry
  • TimeShifts
  • Time TrackingFlow
  • Increments and Rounding for TimeEntry
  • Enter Time BusinessProcess
  • Time Tracking and PayrollWork tags
  • How do I exempt workers from lock outdates?


  • Set Up Calculations for TimeTracking
  • Create Time CalculationTags
  • Create Standard OvertimeCalculations
  • Create Consecutive DayCalculations
  • Create Minimum Daily HoursCalculations
  • Create Minimum Weekly HoursCalculations
  • Create Override RateCalculations
  • Create Schedule DeviationCalculations
  • Create Shift DifferentialCalculations
  • Create Time Block ConditionalCalculations
  • Create Time Block CreateCalculations
  • Create Time Calculations for Statutory Holidays(CAN)
  • Create Time CalculationGroups
  • Assign Time CalculationPriorities
  • Manually Run TimeCalculations
  • TimeCalculations
  • Time CalculationTags
  • Rolling 24-HourPeriods
  • Time CalculationTypes
  • Calculate Double Time on Seventh ConsecutiveDay
  • Calculate Location-BasedOvertime
  • Calculate Nevada RollingOvertime
  • Calculate the Majority of aShift

6.Time EntryValidations

  • Create Time EntryValidations
  • Time EntryValidations
  • Managing Incomplete TimeBlocks
  • Validate Holiday TimeEntry

7.Period Schedules

  • Set Up Period Schedules for TimeTracking
  • Period Schedules for TimeTracking



9.Worker Eligibility for TimeTracking

  • Create Worker Eligibility Rules for TimeTracking
  • Worker Eligibility for TimeTracking
  • Troubleshooting Time Tracking Eligibility Issues

10.Time Tracking, Payroll, and Absence

  • Set Up Payroll to PayTime
  • Configure Earnings to Retrieve CalculatedTime
  • How Payroll Processes CalculatedTime
  • Time Tracking and AbsenceManagement
  • PayingTime

11.Entering and Correcting Time

  • Enter Time for Worker Using Calendar-Based TimeEntry
  • Enter Time for Worker Using High-Volume TimeEntry
  • Mass EnterTime
  • Mass Auto-Fill fromSchedule
  • Mass SubmitTime
  • Manage Time ClockEvents
  • Manually Schedule Time Clock EventMatching
  • Adjust CalculatedTime
  • Time ClockEvents
  • Importing Time ClockEvents
  • Importing Reported TimeBlocks
  • Exporting TimeBlocks
  • Time Clock EventSecurity
  • Time Entry Options
  • Time Tracking WebServices
  • TimeEntry

12.Reviewing and Approving Time

  • Setup Considerations: Reviewing and ApprovingTime
  • Set Up the Review TimeReport
  • Set Up the Review Project TimeReport
  • Report on Time Across SupervisoryOrganizations
  • Mass Approve Time
  • Time Block ApprovalMoments
  • Dashboards for Time Tracking andAbsence
  • Troubleshooting Project TimeReporting
  • Time Tracking Background Jobs andProcesses
  • Review Time

Workday Leave & Absence Management

Workday Leave and Absence management is a crucial component of HCM. It provides a complete overview of employee’s leaves and absence plans. HR Managers can quickly approve the leaves and can easily calculate the Payroll without any complications.

Course Content

1.Absence Management Overview

  • Overview
  • Time Off vs Leave Of Absence
  • Practical Activities

2.Time Off Plans and Components

  • Time Off Plans
  • Time Off Components
    • Explore an Accrual Definition
    • Explore a Time Off Definition
    • Explore a Balance Period Definition
    • Explore a Period Schedule Definition
  • Time Off Plans
    • Explore a Time Off Definition
    • Create a Basic Time Off Plan
    • Modify Time Off Plan to Track Balances
  • Time Off Limits
    • Define Carryover Limits and Upper Limits
    • Define Lower Limits
  • Accrual Frequency Method
    • Modify the Accrual Frequency Method
    • Accrual and Time Off Priorities
  • Validations
    • Define Validation Rules
  • Practical Activities

3. Calculation Engine

  • What is calculation?
  • Types of calculations
    • Conditional Calculation
    • Lookup Calculation
    • Logic Calculation.etc
    • Proration
  • Eligibility and Scheduling Criteria
    • Add Eligibility Criteria
    • Add Waiting Period
  • Practical Activities

4. Leave of Absence

  • Overview
  • Leave of Absence Types
  • Leave Type Components
    • Explore a Leave Type
    • Basic Leave Type
    • Modify leave type to track balances
  • Eligibility and Validation Rules
    • Define Eligibility and Validation Rules
    • Leave Type Security Segment
  • Supporting Data
    • Define Supporting Data
  • Coordinated Leaves and Time Off
  • Absence Type Grouping
  • Practical Activities

5. Absence Administration

  • Manage Time Off
    • Adjust Accrual
    • Suspend limits and Adjust Accruals
    • Override Plan Balances and Carryover Limits
    • Correct Time off
  • Manage Leave off Absence
    • Correct a Leave Request
    • Return Employee from Leave
  • Practical Activities

6.Business Processes

  • Time Off Business Process
    • Explore the Time Off BP’s
    • Transfer/ Payout Time Off Plan Balances During a Job change
  • Leave Off Absence Business Processes
    • E Explore The Leave of Absence BP’s
  • Practical Activities
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  • Time Off Reports
  • MSS and ESS Reporting
  • Leave Of Absence Reports
  • Practical Activities

Workday LMS

Workday Learning Management System designed to ensure the consumer has a deep understanding of the topic of their interest. It helps the employees to reach their goals and upgrade their professional careers.

Workday Learning Management System integrated with Workday Finance and HR system for flexibility and excellent learning experience.

Course Content
  • Learning Configure and Maintenance
  • Considerations
  • Learning Instructors
  • Express Interest for Learning Courses
  • Configure Learning Dashboards
  • Maintain Learning Validations
  • Maintain Drop Course Event Categories
  • Maintain Learning Unit Types
  • Learning Topics
  • Learning Dashboard Worklets
  • Learning Security
  • Configure Considerations: Segmented Security for Learning
  • Configure Considerations: Pre-Hire Access to Learning
  • Configure: Set Up Security for Learning
  • Configure: Restrict Access to Learning Content
  • Configure: Configure Pre-Hire Access to Learning Content
  • Security in Learning
  • Learning Pricing Enablement
  • Configure Considerations: Pricing Enablement
  • Configure: Set Up Pricing for Learning
  • Create Learning Organization Payment Configurations
  • Learning Content
  • Configure Considerations: Learning Content
  • Configure Considerations: Learning Lessons
  • Configure: Manage Learning Content
  • Configure: Set Up and Launch Learning Campaigns
  • Configure: Set Up Learner Name for Packaged Content
  • Create Learning Courses
  • Create Learning Course Offerings
  • Move Instructor-Led Classroom Training Online
  • Create Learning Programs
  • View and Edit Learning Content
  • Create Learning Equivalency Rules
  • Create Learning Prerequisite Rules
  • Learning Enrollments
  • Configure Manage Learning Enrollments
  • Mass Enroll Learners
  • Mass Drop Learners
  • Manage Waitlists for Learning Course Offerings
  • Manage Schedules and Grading and Attendance
  • Manage Enrollment Completion
  • Manage Reminders for Learning Courses with Expiry Periods
  • Reset Learning Due Dates
  • Learning Assignments
  • Waitlists for Learning Course Offerings
  • Extended Enterprise Learning
  • Configure Considerations: Extended Enterprise
  • Configure Extended Enterprise Learning
  • Configure Access for Extended Enterprise Learning
  • Configure Extended Enterprise Affiliations

Workday Basic & Advance Reporting

Workday introduced various modules to provide a more significant advantage to any organization. One of them is Reporting; with Workday Reporting, one can monitor and analyze its performance.

There are three primary types of reporting in Workday. But, we at CloudFoundation provide training on Basic and Advanced Reporting.

Course Content
  • Learning Configure and Maintenance
  • Considerations
  • Learning Instructors
  • Express Interest for Learning Courses
  • Configure Learning Dashboards
  • Maintain Learning Validations
  • Maintain Drop Course Event Categories
  • Maintain Learning Unit Types
  • Learning Topics
  • Learning Dashboard Worklets
  • Learning Security
  • Configure Considerations: Segmented Security for Learning
  • Configure Considerations: Pre-Hire Access to Learning
  • Configure: Set Up Security for Learning
  • Configure: Restrict Access to Learning Content
  • Configure: Configure Pre-Hire Access to Learning Content
  • Security in Learning
  • Learning Pricing Enablement
  • Configure Considerations: Pricing Enablement
  • Configure: Set Up Pricing for Learning
  • Create Learning Organization Payment Configurations
  • Learning Content
  • Configure Considerations: Learning Content
  • Configure Considerations: Learning Lessons
  • Configure: Manage Learning Content
  • Configure: Set Up and Launch Learning Campaigns
  • Configure: Set Up Learner Name for Packaged Content
  • Create Learning Courses
  • Create Learning Course Offerings
  • Move Instructor-Led Classroom Training Online
  • Create Learning Programs
  • View and Edit Learning Content
  • Create Learning Equivalency Rules
  • Create Learning Prerequisite Rules
  • Learning Enrollments
  • Configure Manage Learning Enrollments
  • Mass Enroll Learners
  • Mass Drop Learners
  • Manage Waitlists for Learning Course Offerings
  • Manage Schedules and Grading and Attendance
  • Manage Enrollment Completion
  • Manage Reminders for Learning Courses with Expiry Periods
  • Reset Learning Due Dates
  • Learning Assignments
  • Waitlists for Learning Course Offerings
  • Extended Enterprise Learning
  • Configure Considerations: Extended Enterprise
  • Configure Extended Enterprise Learning
  • Configure Access for Extended Enterprise Learning
  • Configure Extended Enterprise Affiliations

Workday BIRT

Workday BIRT is a Reporting tool that is used to create custom reports in Workday System. It is integrated with layouts to generate various custom reports that can be downloadable in PDF formats.

The primary purpose of Workday Report Designer is to build a business form Layout.

Course Content

1.Workday Report Designer for Workday

2. Introduction to Workday Report Designer

3. Building a Custom Report

4. Report Designer

5. Creating a Report Project

• Create Report Project and Import Files
• Create the Data Source, Data Set and Preview the Report

6. Formatting the Report & Properties

7. Deploy to Workday

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8. Changes to Workday Report Definition

9. Formatting Letters

Workday Free Download

• Create a report and a report Design layout for New Hire Letter

10. Working with Multiple Data Sets

• Multidata Sets
• Create a report and a report Design layout for Outstanding Customer Invoices

11. Aggregates, Sorting, and Grouping

• Create a report and a report Design layout for Customer List

12. Delivered Report Designs

Workday Advanced Studio

Workday Advanced Studio helps you to understand the integrations involved in Workday. By knowing Advanced Studio, you can deal with the complex integration process. Mainly, Workday Studio deals with the Outbound integration process.

Having an eclipse-based environment, you can create, deploy, debug the integrations involved in the workday environment.

Course Content



  • HELP


  • LOG
  • EVAL
  • MVEL Functions
  • To Look for a Specific Category by Type


  • Activity 2.1 – Creating a Custom Report
  • Activity 2.2 – Adding the RaaS REST Call to Studio
  • Steps to Identify the extra path of a report
  • Activity 2.3 – Use a Splitter to split the report output
  • Activity 2.4 – Access values using props


  • Activity 2.5 – Using XSLT in Studio

Activity 2.6 – Using Param variables in XSLT


  • Activity 2.7 – Use an Aggregator to merge the files




  • Page and Count Parameters in Response Filter
  • Activity 3.1 – Generate a web service request for “Get Workers” operation and test it in Web Service Tester with multiple Response Group



Activity 3.2 – Use a Splitter to split the csv file and call “Get Workers” Web Service operation.





  • Steps to break down the requirement and identify integration approach.
  • Other Considerations
  • Best Practices
  • Web Services (Integration ID’s and Ref ID)
  • Activity 4.1 – Retrieve a file through retrieval service and access it in Studio
  • Activity 4.2 – Use a Document iterator to retrieve multiple files
  • Simple Type Parameter:
  • Reference Type Parameter:
  • Enumeration Type Parameter
  • Activity 4.3 – Add an Integration Attribute

Workday Talent Management

Workday Talent Management Training is a data programming system that performs well versed in many businesses. It acts as a comprehensive view of your workforce to help you develop your company.

Course Content

About Talent Profile

Worker Profile

Worker Profile summary


Configure Profile Group

Worklet config

Functional Areas

What is a Domain

Update Training Matrix

Talent and Performance topic

Talent Optimization

Talent Pipeline

What is talent attributes

Talent attributes:

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Achievable level


Talent Attributes are called as Skills & Experience

Certifications & Certification Issuers

Maintain Certifications

Create Certification

Maintain School

Field Of Study

Maintain Field Of Study


Maintain Languages

Job Profiles

Professional Affiliations

Maintain training types

Work Experience


Log in Tenant


Workday Training Matrix

Achievements & Publications

Career Interests and mobility

Career Preferences

Maintain Career Preferences

Travel Amounts

Maintain Travel Amounts

Relocation Areas

Maintain Relocations Areas

Job Profiles in WD

Management level

Steps to create Management levels

Maintain management types

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management level hierarchy

Creating a management level

Localization job profile

Job family


Talent Attributes at the job level

Create Job Profile

Competency Framework

Competency Categories & Classes

Competency Class

Configure Competency

Maintain Skills & Experience Setup

Level Based Behavioral Indicators

Create Proficiency Rating Scale

Compensation grade

Compensation Matrix

Talent Matrix

Proficiency Rating Scale

Setup Competency For Management Level-Active listening

View Skills & Experience

Edit Competency

Chief Executive Officer

Competencies & Job officers

View Competency

Maintain Competencies For Management level

Competencies From Other Sources

Career Development


Adding a mentor

Creating a Questionnaire

Close the mentorship