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“Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ author Robert Kiyosaki warned that the market could be headed for a crash and suggested that an economic depression could be brewing as well, in a recent tweet.

Kiyosaki suggested that gold GC00, +0.36%, silver SI00, +0.92%, bitcoin BTCUSD, +3.25% and real estate XLRE, +0.51% are likely to get swept up in the sweeping financial downturn. He didn’t specify when he thought things would go pear-shaped. And he said that he would be a buyer off all the assets after their values are depressed.

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His remarks come as the U.S. registered the hottest U.S. consumer inflation reading in almost 40 years.

The cost of living climbed again in November and drove the rate of U.S. inflation to a nearly 40-year of 6.8%, putting more pressure on households as they confront rising prices of gas, food, cars, rent and so forth.

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Kiyosaki’s comments also come as the Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, +0.60%, the S&P 500 index SPX, +0.95% and the Nasdaq Composite Index COMP, +0.73% were floating near all-time record closes.

Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad) offers personal finance education to help you learn about cash flow, real estate, investing, and business building.

To be sure, the author has been offering a gloomy assessment of financial markets for a while now and it has yet to come to pass. That said, there are a number of pundits and market observers who have been expressing concern about valuations and about the Federal Reserve against the backdrop of the COVID pandemic.

Kiyosaki’s prediction of an economic depression might be unlikely, but there is certainly more focus on the outlook for business as the economy emerges from a pandemic with the Federal Reserve tightening monetary policy and government stimulus spending winding down, leaving analysts to worry that valuations are richer than they should be.

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  • Mallah Tabot (Mallah Tabot is a senior specialist on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights who has led programmes at national and international levels to improve the lives of women and girls by supporting access to contraception and safe abortion. in 2015 she was awarded by the Queen of England for her dedication to the health and wellbeing of women and girls in her native Cameroon, and has also been named one of the 100 young leaders of her time by the international advocacy organisation, Women Deliver. She was one of the pioneer group that set up and ran the SheDecides movement, developed a mobile app for sexuality education called Ndolo360, and current serves runs the Global Comprehensive Abortion Care Initiative in 9 countries in Africa through the International Planned Parenthood Federation. Mallah also sits on the board of the MTV Stayning Alive Foundation) (,,,,,,,)
  • Andrew J. Abernathey - Businessman/Investor. [1] Founder & CEO of Ritaway Capital Management, and Private Investor in Abernathey Brothers Farm.[2][3][4]
  • Jacob Agam - Investor. [5] Chairman of Vertical Group.[6] Involved in XYBR. [7][8]
  • Arjun S - Founder and President, LateraLogics.
  • Amit Sriramka Agrawal - Founder & CEO of Entit Consultancy Services Private Limited. Senior IT consultant with global exposure from countries like USA, CANADA, India. Past experience in Infosys. Partner in various government initiatives of different e-governance projects. Also an author.[9],[10]
  • Rebecca Alexander - American Entreprenuer, founder of AllGo, the first review platform for plus-size people, featured in The New York Times. [11]
  • Stewart Allen - Pioneer in XML/B2B Integration. Founding CTO at webMethods and AddThis.
  • Robert Afshar - President & Founder of Leadclick Media, Inc., also founded & presided over Legal Resource Inc., a source for online 'How To' legal information
  • Mandar Agashed:Q27517441 - Founder and chairman of Sarvatra Technologies. Founder of Brihans Natural Products Ltd. Former musician.[12][13][14]
  • Sheetal Agashed:Q27854128 - Managing director of Brihans Natural Products Ltd. Former actress.[15][16][17][18][19][20]
  • Panditrao Agashe - Managing director of Brihan Maharashtra Sugar Syndicate.
  • Tim Alborn - (req. 12-16-2009) - American professor of history, CUNY Lehman. Founder of Harriet Records, Cambridge, MA in 1989. [21] Related to Wikipedia article: [22]
  • Paul J. Alessi - Actor/Producer, known for the TLC Waterfalls Video, the Amazing Race Season 1, the Boondock Saints II and Ten 'Til Noon.
  • Mohammed Alhammad - CEO and President of Albayan Holding Company in Saudi Arabia
  • Michael Aloyan - self made millionaire that opened the first hotel and casino in one in Compton, California (Crystal Park Hotel and casino)
  • Michael Altfield - Open-source Entrepreneur. Inventor of the laptop kill cord BusKill. Relevant news articles and CC-BY-SA photos of subject available on his websites' bio page.
  • Monem Alyaser - Entrepreneur, Inventor of a clean coal technology
  • Afzaal Ameer - President & Founder of The Knight Labs, Inc.[39], also founded & presided over 3imension[40], The App Castle, Techademy[41], a designer, a developer, an animator, a speaker and also runs a blog @ [42]
  • Jerry Anders - Creator of graphical mail (, in legal trouble with Google and Sun
  • Donald B. Anderson - Brother of Robert O. Anderson (ARCO founder), founded Roswell Artist-in-Residence Program and the Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art.
  • Dave Anderson - Business Bully, Business coach and owner of Business Bully TV. [43][44][45][46]
  • Elisabeth Anheuser-Busch - Wife of Adolphus Busch (Founder of Anheuser-Busch)
  • Adam Anicich - Founder of Armada Asset Management, LLC, UMD Doctor of Management, and author of the 4% Theory that explains Army Recruiting and Retention. Is a contributor to the US Army Recruiting Commanders Course and has been recognized Army-wide.
  • Max Appel - American entrepreneur, most notable for founding Orange Glo International, the cleaning-products company that is known for OxiClean and Kaboom.[23][24][25][26]
  • Zia Attala - First chaldean to immigrate to America in 1895. Owned a hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Moved back to Iraq and opened Zia House Hotel, one of the most famous hotels in Baghdad in the early 20th century.
  • Ahmed AlHatti - President and Chairman of the Board of Cayan Group,[27] CEO of Cayan International KSA, Chairman of Cayan Homes , Chairman of Primo Factory , and President & CEO of JADE Investment and Development .
  • Greg Avis - Cofounder, former managing director, and senior adviser of Summit Partners, a private equity investment firm headquartered in Boston, MA with offices in Menlo Park, CA and London, England. Current managing director of Bangtail Partners, former chairman of Williams College board of trustees, current chairman of National Outdoor Leadership School, former interim CEO of Silicon Valley Community Foundation, active philanthropist.
  • Dr. Ernest Azudialu-Obiejesi - Founder and CEO of the Obijackson Group
  • Curtis L. Shull - Founder and CEO of Proxigroup, a CAD based IOT/RFID Software System. Founder and CEO of Proxiair, a Block-Chain Airline Luggage Tracking Software System. First African American to create Technology Company in Poland. Also Phi Beta Sigma member in Iota Gamma Sigma Chapter in Germany. The inventor of PROXITRAK RFID IoT cloud software platform, graduate of the US Colorado Technical University. He holds a Master and Bachelors of Computer Science and Engineering. He also studied at MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Curtis Shull is a previous resident and graduate of Fayetteville, Lincoln High School class of 1985. He is the son of Thomas and (late) Louise Shull. After high school Curtis entered the U.S. Air Force and was an aviator with over 2,000 Flight hours in both rotary wing and fixed wing aircraft with deployments and missions flown in the Middle East. After retiring in 2009 he worked as a Comm/Nav Guidance software engineer at Northrup Grumman TS building software for UAV Global Hawk RQ-4A/B Simulations at Beale AFB California. Pioneer and creator of innovative software technology for NATO and the Pentagon. He worked as a Technology Director for CSCI and also created heterogeneous software for both NATO and the Pentagon. Author of numerous publications on design CAD (Computer- Aided Drawing) and Distributed (cloud) RFID systems (Radio Frequency Identification) within the intelligent software. Curtis have several pending US patents and tied several international Agreements Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) in the field of asset tracking in the environment the Internet of Things, RFID and software management concerning the creation, integration and deployment of software asset tracking based on the CAD tools in the ecosystem of the Internet of Things, contributing to the globalization, automation and digitization of data Big data in the cloud. Curtis Shull’s company Proxigroup, a U.S. and European based company, just completed an IoT (Internet of Things) and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) pilot testing for polish national postal service Poczta Polska (Polish Post to improve the efficiency of their distribution center using their innovative technology platform ProxiTrak. Proxigroup IoT/RFID system named ProxiTrak has been awarded the highly coveted Seal of Excellence from Horizon 2020, EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation 2014-2020 of supply chain revolution; smart and real-time logistic solution for global tracking and management. Proxigroup has also been awarded 1.1 million dollars in Research and Development funding from the NCBiR Intelligent Development Operational Program which is the largest program in the European Union for the development of research and creation of innovations where they will perform R & D on IoT/RFID effects and usage in Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality Glasses.



  • Steve Baskin: (Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Intellectual). Owner and Director of Camp Champions in Marble Falls, TX, and of Camp Pinnacle in Flatrock, NC, as well as a partner in Everwood Day Camp in Sharon, MA. Baskin attended Davidson College (Summa Cum Laude), London School of Economics, and Harvard Business School. At Harvard, he was a Baker Scholar (top 4%) and a Loeb Fellow (top 4 finance students). He began his professional career as an investment banker with Goldman Sachs, but chose to leave finance to pursue a career in summer camp and outdoor education. Baskin is deeply involved with the American Camp Association (ACA), the accrediting body of summer camps. He served on the Executive Committee of the ACA National Board (2010-2016) and was the ACA Treasurer. From 2008-2010 he chaired the Tri-State Camp Conference, the largest gathering of camp professionals in the world. The ACA awarded him the National Service Award (2009) and the National Honor Award (2012). Baskin currently serves as the U.S. Ambassador to the International Camping Fellowship. He also frequently writes for Psychology Today on the subjects of youth development, education, and parenting and has been featured in National Geographic for his expertise on COVID protocols for summer camps. In 2013, Steve gave a TED Talk at TEDxSan Antionio on technology and how it impacts the development of children. Steve has also testified to the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine about 'camp education' and has twice been asked to speak at Harvard on parenting and youth development.) [47], [48], [49], [50], [51], [52]
  • Alexander Bafer - Former Executive Chairman of fuboTV (NYSE:FUBO). In 2011, he founded Brick Top Productions and led the company’s IPO, functioning as Chairman and CEO until August 2018 when he was elected Executive Chairman, a position he held through July 31, 2020. As CEO, Chairman and later, Executive Chairman, Bafer grew the company organically and through acquisitions, including Evolution AI in September, 2018 and fuboTV, in April, 2020. He remained Executive Chairman of the combined public entities until July 31, 2020, during which time he helped facilitate fuboTV’s growth to approximately $3bn. [62][63][64][65][66][67][68]
  • Nathanial Bibby (Nathanial Bibby is the Director of Bibby Consulting Group, Best Use of LinkedIn 2019 at the Social Media Marketing Awards) ([53]) ([54]) ([55]) ([56])
  • Adam Brazier - Adam Brazier is the founder of Graffiti Life and Host of the Creative Rebels Podcast[69]
  • Patrick Burkhart - Patrick Burkhart is the CEO of GETSOMEPLAYER INC and GSPN:GetSomePlayerNetwork
  • Jesper Brodin - Jesper Brodin is the CEO of Ingka Holding[70], the largest IKEA franchisee with 367 stores in 30 markets[71]. Brodin has worked in various IKEA companies since 1995 and began his executive career in 2013 as Managing Director of IKEA of Sweden[72] before being appointed CEO of IKEA Group (now named Ingka Holding)[73]. Brodin leads to work of a three-year strategy to transform the Ingka Holding business by increasing focus on digital solutions, online shopping, city penetration, home delivery services[74] and small-store openings in city centres[75].
  • Naveen Bachwani - Founder & CEO of ThinkShop.[76][77] Neither reference can be used for notability purposes. This [78] could be him, but it is not in depth. Cannot locate anything else that would show notability.--CNMall41 (talk) 18:43, 28 December 2015 (UTC)
  • William Bao Bean - Managing Director SingTel Innov8 Ventures. Venture capital and angel investor based in China. Authority on Internet and Technology in China. Formerly a top ranked equity analyst with Deutsche Bank.[79][80] Co-Founder Angelvest angel investing group.
  • Elizabeth Barrett (businesswoman) - CEO of Novartis Oncology[81]
  • Shaharris Beh - Founder of HackerNest, a nonprofit that builds tech communities around the world.[82][83]
  • Burhan Beidas - Founder and CEO of Madco Advertising and the first Ad agency in the Middle East.[84][85]
  • Valerie C. Benjamin - Chief Human Resources Executive at Financial Institutions, Inc. (2018). Cornell University alumni. [86]
  • Dea Harris Benson - Founder & CEO of CTTS Logistics--Planting The Seed for Future Leadership[87]
  • David Bennett (auctioneer) - Auctioneer, author, jewellery specialist, astrologer. Worldwide chairman of Sotheby's auction house, international jewellery division. Named among the top 10 most powerful people in the art world in December 2013 by Blouin Art+Auction magazine. Known as the “100-carat man” since the sale of seven 100-carat exceptional diamonds, noteably the Graff Pink, as well as setting a world record price for a ruby, with the sale of the sunrise ruby in May 2015. David Bennett is co-author, with Daniela Mascetti, of the best-selling reference book Understanding Jewellery – which has been constantly in print since 1989. They have also co-written Celebrating Jewellery, (2012).
  • Debbie E. Berdy - An early female entrepreneur and business woman. Founder & Partner of Contemporary Management Concepts, a property management organization based in Gainesville, FL. Founded in 1979 by Debbie E. Berdy. [88][89][90] (Added November 1, 2017).
  • Linda Bernardi - An early female entrepreneur, CTO and writer [91][92]
  • Josh Bersin - Entrepreneur, Consultant, Writer & Principal of Bersin by Deloitte. Josh is a frequent speaker at industry events and has been quoted on talent management topics in key media, including Harvard Business Review, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, on BBC Radio, CBS Radio and National Public Radio. He is a popular blogger for and has been a columnist since 2007 for Chief Learning Officer magazine. Josh spent 25 years in product development, product management, marketing and sales of e-learning and other enterprise technologies at companies including DigitalThink (now Convergys), Arista Knowledge Systems, Sybase, and IBM. Josh's education includes a B.S. in Engineering from Cornell University, an M.S. in Engineering from Stanford University, and an MBA from the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley. [93][94][95]
  • Trudi Beswick - Entrepreneur, Businesswoman and CEO of Caudwell Children., a UK charity founded by the philanthropist, John Caudwell.[96] As the former Director of Executive Projects for the Caudwell Group, Trudi Beswick was tasked with registering and developing the charity while still undertaking her full time corporate responsibilities. She has remained as the Chief Executive ever since and masterminded it's growth into one of the UK's most important independent providers of services for disabled children and families. Developed by Trudi Beswick working evenings and weekends to meet families in need and raising the money required to support them,[97] in 2016 Caudwell Children helped its 25,000th disabled children and has provided services worth over £39million. [98] As a former successful independent fashion designer, Area Manager for Whitbread Group and Director within the Caudwell Group before becoming CEO of Caudwell Children, Trudi has been a strong advocate for the Third Sector in the UK and the need for donor transparency. [99] Added December 8th, 2016
  • Rajat Bhageria - 19 year old Founder and CEO of ThirdEye Technologies Inc., a product that empowers the blind and visually impaired by using computer vision and auditory feedback to verbally tell them what they are looking at. Having been featured by TechCrunch, BBC, SIRIUSXM, USAToday, HuffingtonPost, and, Forbes recently described him as one of the 'Fifteen Of The Brightest College Entrepreneurs' at colleges around America. In the past, he has worked on building and commercializing platform for writers to publish their creative writing with the world, a watch strap that makes any normal watch “smart,” and a modular sofa that integrates with your entertainment center. Also an education reform advocate, Rajat is the author of What High School Didn’t Teach Me: A Recent Graduate’s Perspective on How High Schools are Killing Creativity. Rajat is a student at the Wharton School in the University of Pennsylvania and writes a weekly column for Forbes about incorporating entrepreneurship into school and why other young people should start businesses in college. Added April 27th, 2016.
  • Naveen Bhandari - Founder & CEO of Techzone (Universal Power Systems Private Limited) Mobile Value Added Services, Muzik247 (Malayalam Music Label), BLACK N GREEN MOBILE SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED, KRATOS ADS PRIVATE LIMITED (Mobile ADS Platform).[100][101][102][103][104][105][106][107][108]
  • Tomer Bitton: Managing Principal at Crescent Heights. For over 30 years played a pivotal role in acquisitions, development, finance and executive leadership. Currently leading the company's successful expansion into several new markets from coast to coast and abroad; overseeing more than $5 billion dollars in developments. [109],[110], [111], [112], [113], [114], [115], [116][117]
  • Lyla Black - Co-founder and Creative Director of Lyla Tov Monsters,[118] TAGIE Award winning 2014 Young Inventor of the year,[119] inaugural Women in Toys 'Wonder Girl' Award winner 2015,[120] finalist in Girls' Life and Nickelodeon's Shake Tank competition [121]
  • Justin Blankenship - founder and CEO of Bizzun College student at St. Petersburg College and Tech entrepreneur from Tampa Bay Florida.[122][123][124][125][126][127][128]
  • Jaylen D. Bledsoe - Chairman & Managing Partner of Bledsoe Collective, Inc. & Flare Partners.[129][130]
  • Leslie Blodgett - former CEO of mineral cosmetic company Bare Escentuals, the founder of the world's first mineral-based cosmetics line - bareMinerals.[131][132][133][134]
  • Kamau Bobb - Global Lead, Diversity Strategy and Research at Google,[135][136][137][138]
  • Ryan Bonifacino - Investor,[139][140] Former Chief Marketing Officer of Alex and Ani and frequent speaker on topics of digital and ecommerce.[141][142][143][144][145] Pioneer of iBeacon technology for retail.[146][147] Member of the Board of Directors of 9/11 charity Tuesday's Children[148] and Advisory Board Member at LIM College.[149][150] Named top 10 CMOs to watch by WealthEngine,[151] 40 under 40 for Direct Marketing News,[152] 40 under 40 for Brand Innovators[153] and listed on the iMedia 25.[154]
  • Bernadine Brocker Wieder: Founder and CEO of Vastari[155], an art technology company. [156][157]
  • Steven J. Buckley: (Founding partner of Innova Capital and co-founder of Company Assistance Ltd)
  • Eric Byunn -- Co-founder of Centana Growth Partners.[158] 13 years at FTVentures as a partner and Head of Software.[159] Former Director of Online Services at MyCFO. Several roles at AOL including management for Netscape's Personal Finance Channel and a Group Product Manager for Netscape's web browser. Business analyst for McKinsey & Company[160] and Microsoft. Currently on Boards of Blueprint Systems, Catalyst Repository Systems[161] and Cloudmark.[162] Received an MBA from Stanford where he was an Arjay Miller Scholar. Recieved an AB summa cum laude and the Williams Prize (top economics concentrator in the graduating class) from Harvard University.
  • Vanessa Braxton: is the first Black female distiller and CEO and President of Black Momma Brands, a line of vodkas, organic teas, and syrups. As the proprietor of the only black-owned tea and beverage manufacturing facility in the country, Braxton is setting the stage for minority business owners to join her ranks with the goal of building generational wealth in their communities.

A retired structural engineer, Braxton has been strategic about her business moves. She launched her first product, Black Momma Vodka (BMV), in 2013 after her departure, resulting in her success in the spirit industry, along with a manufacturing facility that opened in 2016 located in Wheatley Heights, New York. Black Momma Tea Company (BMTC) was formed, for which Braxton raised $2.1 million through the savvy use of equity crowdfunding, combined with her knack for business development. Braxton, who comes from a background in Corporate and Government Industry will also oversee the opening of distribution centers in multiple states, in addition to at least 500 locations to follow her flagship tea café. Braxton’s zeal for business continues to advance as she makes her move to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and sets the example for startup entrepreneurs to follow in her footsteps.[163][164][165][166][167] Added August 24, 2020.

  • Biyografi - A retired structural engineer, Braxton has been strategic about her business moves
  • Betty Brinn Centene can mark its beginning to 1984, when healthcare visionary Betty Brinn launched a pilot non-profit Medicaid plan in Wisconsin. A product of the foster care system, Brinn was committed to serving low-income populations and the most vulnerable in our communities, a dedication Centene still values today. The strong foundation set by Brinn was one of the key elements that helped transform the company from a single state health plan to a global leader in the healthcare industry.


  • William Horatio Crawford - Founder of the world famous Beamish and Crawford Brewery in Ireland
  • Marc Côté - Founder and CEO of REAL by FAKE. [168][169][170][171][172][173][174][175][176][177][178][179][180][181][182][183][184][185][186][187][188]
  • Marcella Cacci - Founder and CEO of One Ocean Beauty LLC and former Global President of Burberry Beauty. [189][190][191][192][193][194]
  • Michael Caleb Nnaleche - Nnaleche is the Co-founder and Owner of Qwive Inc.[195], an online platform for hiring of professional artisans, which he co-founded with his room mate Antai Mfonobong Sunje in their early years in Caritas University. He also co-founded Fiigur which is under the Qwive Inc., Fiigur is a store finding app in Nigeria, it helps people to locate nearby stores depending on their location. Users can easily add their own store in the app for free.[196] Sources:
  • Matthew J Carter – Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Leep Rideshare Technology, LLC., a rideshare technology company based in San Antonio, Texas, USA. [197]
  • Jordan Casey - Founder and CEO of Casey Games and TeachWare
  • Andrew Cecere (New US Bank CEO) (
  • Monish Chhabra (requested 17th of July 2018) - Indo-Singaporean businessman, investor and founder of Lodestar Holdings Limited. Blogs on markets, science & spirituality.[198][199][200][201][202][203][204]
  • Craig Cheatham - Craig Cheatham (born Craig Alan Cheatham, February 25, 1968) is an American businessman. He is best known for his leadership roles in real estate-related organizations, such as The Realty Alliance, Inc.[205], Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO)[206], and Alabama Association of Realtors(r)[207].
  • Jane Cherrington - Jane has worked as a business and brand strategist across sectors, industries and countries. She is a passionate advocate of digital technologies as tools to create new solutions to old problems. Her interests span issues social and cultural. She is also the founder of, the online bookstore that gives all profits to charitable works through Oxfam. Jane is the MD of String Theory, delivering high quality research, strategies, and creative resources to businesses and brands that looking for a competitive edge. She is also Research Director for an innovative project called The Briefing, a membership organisation that develops business intelligence and practical tools for senior executives.[208][209][210][211][212][213]
  • Gerald Chertavian - Gerald is the founder and CEO of Year Up, a non-profit in 18 cities in the United States. He also founded Conduit Communications, which he sold to i-Cube in 1999. In 2012, he wrote 'A Year Up,' which is a New York Times bestseller. Governor Deval Patrick appointed Chertavian to serve on the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. He spoke at the 2016 Aspen Ideas Festival.[214] Sources: [215][216][217]
  • Clancey Po - CEO, Burjeel Hospital;[218][219][220]
  • Mergim Cahani - Founder and CEO of Gjirafa, Inc. [221][222][223]
  • John Calimafde - lawyer; aid to have tried the most intellectual property law cases in U.S. history
  • Giuseppina Carraro - former Rizzoli shareholder (possibly it:Giuseppina Rizzoli Carraro)
  • Maria Alvarez Castro - Founding President of the Manhattan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the Minority Women Business Enterprise Chamber Challenge Champion under her leadership
  • Stephen Chau - Product Manager, Google Maps and Google Earth
  • Harsh Chaudhary - Founder and CEO of VFrndz Networks and all its parts. VFrndz is a social networking website for people to be social and its a part of VFrndz Networks. VFrndz Networks consist of VFrndz, My-Money, S-Drive, S-Mail. Harsh Chaudhary is Founder and CEO of all the parts of VFrndz Networks listed above.Information about Harsh Chaudhary can be found at Harsh Chaudhary at Facebook, Harsh Chaudhary at VFrndz., and Harsh chaudhary at Google Plus.. Look for My-Money at, S-Drive at, S-Mail at, and VFrndz at user talk page User_talk:Harshchaudharya2z.
  • Aubrey Chernick - Majority Owner of PJ Media, Candle Corp, founder, technology entrepreneur, billionaire, and angel investor. [224]
  • Rewaj Chettri - Founder and CEO of NE Taxi, North-East India's Largest Car Aggregator, winner of 'The Entrepreneur 2016' by Young Leaders Connect, TNT Person of the Year 2016 and founder of more than 30 startups in North-East India. [225][226][227][228][229]
  • Chee Chew - Minority owner of Seattle Sounders. Founder of Google Hangouts. Chief Product Officer of Twilio.
  • Joshua Chodniewicz - Founder and CEO of working to simplify startup funding for the startup entrepreneur, the investors, and also the advisors. Also the Founder, board member, and former CEO of [57] having raised over $58m in venture capital from Benchmark Capital and Polaris Ventures.
  • Brian Chung - Co-Founder of Alabaster (Company) [230][231][232]
  • Amar Chugg - Entrepreneur, Investor, DJ, Music Producer and Model.[233][234] He is currently the CEO and Founder of Spruse [58],[235] Fragallo [236] and Chugg Apps [59].
  • Rehan Chogle - CEO of Entertainment Vision
  • Marc Christian-Riebe - CEO of The Location Group
  • Henry Chrysler, father of Walter P. Chrysler, a German-American automotive pioneer
  • Susan Ciminelli, author of 'The Ciminelli Solution: A 7-Day Plan for Radiant Skin,' holistic beauty pioneer, skincare specialist to the stars & creator of an all-natural skincare line. [237]
  • Ian Cinnamon - Graduate of MIT, Evil Genius (book series) Author, Serial Entrepreneur
  • Vincent T Colace - 'The Tomato King' Founder and President of Thomas Colace Co.
  • John Coleridge (businessperson) - John Coleridge - CEO of SG Group Inc. an M & A company
  • Michael Colglazier - Current president of Disneyland Resort and previous president of Disney's Animal Kingdom
  • Edwin Colodny - Former Chairman of Allegany and US Airways, Former President of UVM
  • David Cooley (Founder and CEO of The Abbey) ([60][238][239])
  • Jamie Cooper - Businesswoman, philanthropist, co-founder and former President/CEO of the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF)[240], Chair and President of Big Win Philanthropy [241]. Went to Smith College, Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Previously worked for CBS News. Runs the Harvard Leadership Programme. Sits on the board of numerous philanthropic and academic organizations including United Nations Commissioner on Life-Saving Commodities for Women and Children, Board of Advisors to Dean Julio Frenk at the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH), the Business Leadership Council for Preventing Mother-to-child Transmission of HIV (PMTCT), the Coutts UK Philanthropy Advisory Board, the Impetus Advisory Council, Save the Children UK, and the Advisory Board of the Tony Elumelu Foundation. A confiant to American Presidents Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter and Swedish statistician Hans Rosling. [242] Married to Methembe Ndlovu and has four children and three step-children.
  • Jim Collins - CEO, Corteva; Former Chief Operating Officer of Agriculture Division at DowDuPont Inc [243]
  • Roy Cooper - Montreal impresario, former President of Premier Concerts in the 1970's and 1980's, Montreal booking agent responsible for bringing Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. to Montreal amongst many others, deceased
  • Cristóbal Conde - Former CEO, SunGard; Board Member, MassMutual; Executive Chairman, True Office; Chairman, Whiptail; Board Member, Digital Reasoning; Trustee, Mount St. Vincent's College
  • Joe Cordell - CEO of Jim Walter Corporation
  • Shawna Coronado - CEO of MAD 4 World Enterprises, Author, television and online personality [61]
  • Luis Fernando Correa-Bahamon (World President of FIABCI-The International Real Estate Federation-Very Important Real Estate figure.)
  • Ben Corn Xbox 360 Component Inventor. Chief Executive Officer of BPC Technologies, Inc. Invented the widely used rapid fire source code for Xbox 360 controllers. American entrepreneur and inventor.
  • Charles Henry Coster (Requested July 16, 2021) (1852-1900) Partner at J.P. Morgan & Co and director of 59 corporations upon his death; see here for funeral details as covered in the New York Times. Noted philatelist, recognized as one of America's leading stamp collectors in the 1870's. Known best for his 1877 book on U.S. locals, considered one of the best ever written on the subject: the Smithsonian described The United States locals and their History as 'the first major work on the private local posts in the United States'. Other sources: extensive description of Coster's philatelic careerLibrary of Congress record of his 1877 bookWorldcat entry for a biographical articleSee page 20 of this document
  • Walter Horace Cottingham (January 8, 1866 – March 12, 1930) was a Canadian businessman. He served as the Chairman and CEO of Sherwin-Williams Paint Company (SWP) and oversaw the company’s growth into an international brand from 1909-1930. Under Cottingham’s leadership the company greatly expanded its network of dealerships, organized operations vertically, and opened the first Sherwin-Williams retail stores. A self-made industrialist, he left a lasting legacy on the world’s largest paint company urging his customers to “Cover the Earth”. ROUGH BIO: Cottingham, Walter Horace; president The Sherwin Williams Co.; born, Omemee, Ont., Canada, Jan. 8, 1866; son of William and Lucy Cottingham; first employed as clerk in hardware store in Peterboro, Ont.; prop. Walter H. Cottingham & Co., paints and varnishes, Montreal; senior partner Cottingham, Robertson & Co., Montreal; in 1896, mgr. Montreal branch, The Sherwin Williams Co.; appt. gen. mgr. Sherwin Williams Co. of Ohio, in 1898; vice pres. and gen. mgr. in 1903; pros. in 1908; is also pres. Sherwin Williams Co. of Canada, Ltd.; Cleveland Box Co. and Ozark Smelting Co.; chairman of board, Lewis Berger & Sons, Ltd., London; director Cleveland Trust Co.; executive member Railway Business Assn, N. Y.; National Civic Assn, Efficiency Society, N. Y.; American Academy Political and Social Science; member Union, Country, Mayfield, Chagrin Valley Hunt Clubs, Cleveland; St. Maurice Fish and Game Club, Canada; Phylis Court Club, Henley on Thames, Eng.; married May 22, 1888, Montreal, Gertrude E. Bennett, of that city; issue, two sons and two daughters; author of 'Business Success'; this work was published in America and England and has been sold in every country in the world.) [244][245][246][247]
  • Hulon Crayton II - Founder of Cold Weather Films, Inc., Premier Booking & Management Co. and Premier Musique Group
  • Tom Crown - Bitcoin and crypto currency advocate. [62]
  • Francisco Cueto - Banker, entrepreneur and founder of Feu Nuvo and Abokado restaurant concept
  • Simon Cullinan - Recruitment legend and International Banking magnate
  • Elizabeth Cutler - (Co-founder of SoulCycle. Elizabeth Cutler is an entrepreneur best known for co-creating the fitness phenomenon, SoulCycle with Julie Rice. Cutler served as Co-CEO at SoulCycle from 2006 to 2015 before becoming Co-Chief Creative Officer in 2015 [248]. Cutler and her business partner Julie Rice started SoulCycle in 2006 in the rear lobby of an Upper West Side dance studio found on Craigslist. [249]. Cutler and Rice grew the company to 60 studios as founders, CEO’s, and Creative Officers before departing in 2016. [250]. Cutler and Rice were honored as one of Goldman Sachs’ 100 Builders + Innovators in 2013 and 2014 [251] and SoulCycle was voted one of the World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Fitness of 2013 by Fast Company [252]. Cutler and was a contributing editors to The Wall Street Journal’s Accelerators column and in 2015, Cutler was voted one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business [253]. In 2015, Cutler and Rice were honored as two of AdWeek’s Brand Geniuses [254]. In 2016, Cutler and Rice formed LifeShop, an umbrella company focused on advising, investing and incubating new ideas rooted in community and emotional intelligence [255]. The pair continues to speak at CEO, business, and creativity conferences worldwide.)
  • Joseph S. S. Cutrona - Founder and CEO of Adams-Cutrona Charitable Trusts


  • Dejan Davcevski (Creator and CEO of Life Coach Code, a website and global database for coaching information and news. Dejan started Life Coach Code when he was 21 and he personally wrote more than 2000 articles on the website himself. Aside from coaching, Dejan is a self published author of 5 books. He also manages,, and (
  • Daniel Kay Hertz, Opinionist and Think Tanker on Gentrification at City Observatory
  • Mike Darlington, CEO of Monstercat[63][64][65]
  • David Harris, CEO of Prosperident.
  • Dr. Dhananjay Datar, Indian billionaire and businessman. Ranked number 18th richest Indian in the year 2018 by Arabian Business. Forbes Middle East ranked 29th in 2019 as one of the Indian business leaders who made a contribution in the Middle East for the year 2019. Managing Director of Al Adil Trading and The group’s Indian arm, Masala King Exports (India) Pvt. Ltd. Helped bring more than 9000 Indian spices and products to UAE. Recipient of Bharat Vikas Ratan Award, Rashtriya Udyog Ratna Award from government of India and Long-term UAE Visa award from General Directorate of Residence and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA), Government of UAE.[256][257][258][259][260][261][262][263]
  • Diane Hamilton, PhD - Nationally syndicated radio host and atuhtor of 'It's Not You, It's Your Personality.'
  • David Muino Suarez Banker of Eduardo Cunha
  • Dave Harig - Entrepreneur. CEO and Founder of Wellbeats (formerly Fitness On Request), a fitness technology company. CEO and Founder of Changelane, an automotive technology company. CEO and Founder of mystride, an equestrian technology company. Founder of ResNet, a home technology integration company. Sources: [264][265][266][267][268][269][270] Refer to: [271][272][273][274]
  • H. Ford Dickie - inventor of the ABC-Inventory Analysis
  • Dr. Werner Dieter - Chairman and co-founder of HYDAC, ex-Chairman of Mannesmann/Rexroth, intriguing German business figure.
  • Paul Dunahoo - 14 year old CEO of Bread and Butter Software, LLC., an application development company for the Mac and iOS platforms. Sources: Wall Street Journal, Connecticut, The Unofficial Apple Weblog, and Gizmodo.
  • E. S. Purandar Das - (Former Vice Chairman of Merrill Lynch, Executive Partner of Landmark Banyan Real Estate Holdings)
  • Levison M. David - (Owner of Mega Power Sports)
  • Guy DeChazal - Previous head of Private Equity at Morgan Stanley
  • Jonathan Davis (businessperson) - Jonathan Davis - Founder and M D of Jonathan Davis Wealth Management (, highest profile wealth manager in UK media
  • Sean Demery - Former New Rock Radio originator - best known Music Director at 99X WNNX Atlanta Helped launch New Rock Genere and many bands such as the Cranberries. Also was DJ, Music Director, Radio Consultant. Refer to, Related to Wikipedia article WWWQ
  • Jim Demetriades - CEO of Kairos Ventures and former Chairman and CEO of SeeBeyond Technology Corporation (acquired by Oracle). Refer to [275] and [276] and [277] and [278] and related to Wikipedia article Sun_Microsystems for SeeBeyond.
  • Stacy Denney - American entrepreneur and CEO of, and author of the motherhood books Spa Mama and Fit Mama
  • Vince Desi - Running With Scissors CEO
  • Christopher Dessi - Silverback Social CEO
  • Scott DeVries - Founder, President & CEO of CCT Rail System, a shortline railroad holding company
  • Vernon Dickerson - American investor. Founded Dickerson Divisions, a holding company, and the Rollins-Dickerson Scholarship
  • Lior Div - (Israeli Businessman and CEO. Co-founder and CEO of Cybereason, a cybersecurity company in Boston, MA. He is an expert in offensive security, forensics, reverse engineering, malware analysis, and cryptography. He was also the CEO and co-founder of AlfaTech, a cybersecurity solution provider, from 2007 to 2012. Div was awarded the Head of Intelligence Corps Medal of Honor for outstanding achievements as a commander and leader of the elite cyber security Unit 8200. Div attended college at The Academic College of Tel-Aviv, Yaffo, and graduated with honors in 2004 with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Div joined the military at age 18. He served for six years as a cybersecurity expert in Israel Defense Forces Unit 8200. During his time in the military, he became an expert in hacking operations, forensics, reverse engineering, malware analysis, cryptography, and evasion. He went on to command the cybersecurity unit and received the Head of Intelligence Corps Medal of Honor for outstanding achievements as a commander and leader of an elite cyber security unit. Div started Cybereason in 2012 with co-founders Yonatan Striem-Amit and Yossi Naar, whom he met during his time in the government. They recognized the growing interconnectedness of the online world, a rise of sophisticated cyber criminals, and the struggle corporate security teams faced from advanced attackers. Div is married and has two children. He is waiting for his green card application to be approved so he can become a permanent resident in the United States. He has received the following awards:
    • Head of Intelligence Corps Medal of Honor, Israeli Defense Forces
    • 2016, 2017, 2019 EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award Finalist
    • 2017 Power 50 Winner, Boston Business Journal
    • 2018 Asper Award for Entrepreneurship, Brandeis University)
([66], [67], [68], [69], [70], [71], [72], [73], [74], [75], [76], [77])
  • Bert Doerhoff - CPA, Author, Founder of AccuBiz a virtual accountancy , Philanthropist, founded Leaders Helping Leaders
  • Rahul Dominic A young, aspiring entrepreneur from India who has been programming since the age of 10. He has created 2 startups already and has been recognized by many awards and companies. He also freelances.
  • Joshua Doore - Founder of Joshua Doore Furniture Business
  • Christopher Dolloff - Founder/CEO of Cityside Management Corporation, Board Member of City Year and New Hampshire Charitable Foundation. Sources:
  • Ross Dundas - Founder of Rosco IT Solutions Ltd, An IT Consultancy and Contractor based in Aberdeen, Scotland that supports micro-enterprise. Advocate of increased support for entrepreneurship in the Scottish Economy. Spoke at the Scottish Parliament in 2013 [279]
  • Savannah Durbin - CEO of Tee-Off Enterprises
  • Setyono Djuandi Darmono - Founder/President Director of PT Jababeka Tbk[280][281][282]


  • Eric Archer (Arash Kani) - Philanthrophist, investor
  • Edward Siciliano (CEO of Legion Finance Trade Limited - Financial Service Providing Firm)
  • Bryan M. Eagle III - President of Memphis Ventures, president of Saint Blues Guitar Workshop
  • Alan M. Eddison - Director of Green Earth Affairs, created the saying 'Modern technology owes ecology an apology.'
  • Ditlev Engel - CTO of Vestas Wind Power, Most influencing people in wind industry '
  • Dick Enrico - Chief Executive Officer of 2nd Wind Exercise Equipment, a retail fitness company he founded in 1992
  • Ehienulo Victor - Founder of Developers World and Founder of B-U BE Great Foundation
  • Robert Ewing (1871–1957), Australian taxation commissioner 1917-1939, Ewing was closely associated with the introduction of income tax, the wartime profits tax and the sales tax. The last two resulted in his publications, War-Time Profits Tax (1917) and Sales Tax (1932). The three decades during which Robert Ewing was associated with the Federal taxation office and for the greater part of which he was its commissioner, were years during which the Commonwealth substantially increased its powers over Australian taxation.


  • Faizullah Arain (Notable, Famous Serial Technology Entrepreneur from Pakistan, Founder of Crighter & JumpNCatch; Most Famous for Emergency/Security app 'Crighter', He is Mentioned by several sources such as Express Tribune[78] ProPakistani[79] Express News[80] PMR [81] TechJuice[82] Today Affairs [83] Official website[84] Download[85]
  • Prince David Farrington - 'Prince of the Bootleggers' Farrington was said to have made the best, purest whiskey known to man. Better, say those that sipped it during his prime, than any liquor made today by the good folks at Jack Daniels or Seagram.
  • Esam Abdulla Yousif Fakhro, Dr. - Chairman of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce & Industry [283]
  • Felix Fantus - Father of site selection consulting industry [284]
  • Mohit Farhad - Entrepreneur, Founder of Shopzilla (formerly
  • Kurt Feazel - President of Pecten Trading Company
  • Diana Celina Gordon-Lennox de Bourbon Felix Contessa Murill, Baroness Lewes, children's author, UN Ambassador to Chad
  • Kai Feller - Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of[86]
  • David Fillpot - Sales and management expert [285]
  • Jesse Fink - American businessman, entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Priceline
  • Benson J. Fischer American businessman, entrepreneur [87]
  • Kenneth B. Fischer (born 1937) - American businessman and freemasonn, DeMolay International's Hall of Fame member, Most Eminent Grand Master of the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of North America (of York RiteFreemasonry) from 2003-2006, see [286]
  • William J Flynn (Amtrak CEO) CEO of Amtrak (starting April 15 2020) with a four decade background in transportation. Former CEO of Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings, inc. [287]
  • Elaine Fogel, Canadian-American author of Beyond Your Logo: 7 Brand Ideas That Matter Most For Small Business Success,[288] 2016 finalist in Next Generation Indie Book Awards and National Indie Excellence Awards; speaker and professional member [289] of the National Speakers Association; contributor to MarketingProfs[290], SmallBizClub[291] founded by Fran Tarkenton, and Business 2 Community; blogger at Totally Uncorked on Marketing[292][293][294][295][296][297]
  • Fong Shu Chuen - founder of Hip Shing Hong (Wiki page in Chinese) [298]
  • Alberto Forchielli, Managing Partner of Mandarin Capital Partners, see [299]
  • Brady Forrest, Creator of Ignite (event), Chair of O'Reilly Media conferences: Emerging Technology Conference, Where2.0, Android Open Conference, Web2.0 Expo. Contributor to O'Reilly Radar.
  • Giuseppe Franco (businessman) - Founder & President of Giuseppe Franco Salon in Hollywood also on info-mercials for Procede hair treatment. [88]
  • Caroline Frankel (First Female Recreational Cannabis Dispensary Owner in Massachusetts, Most Famous as Founder and CEO of Caroline's Cannabis, LLC [89]) ( newspaper appearances: [300] Caroline's Cannabis opens. [301] First Mom and Pop Cannabis Store in Massachusetts [302] Pioneering Cannabis Business in Uxbridge MA[303]Snoop_Dogg appears at Caroline's Cannabis.[304] Caroline's Cannabis petitions for 'Essential' status during coronavirus outbreak.) Disclosure: I have done work with Caroline's Cannabis in the past, but I think Caroline Frankel is a notable historic figure for having been the first female to open a recreational cannabis store in Massachusetts.
  • Harry James Free - Co-creator of Gatorade
  • Paul Freiman - CEO of Syntex until 1994, CEO of Neurobiological Technologies INC until 2009
  • Martin Fretwell - Head Of Gamestoria Enterprises Rival Company To Zynga
  • Gregor Freund - CEO and Cofounder of Versal. [305][306][307][308], former CEO of Zone Labs (purchased by Check Point in 2004),[309][310][311][312] credited with inventing the desktop firewall and coining the term spyware [313][314] (under History and Development), founding engineer at Starfish Software,[315] founded Borland Germany.[316] Bio: [317]. Disclosure: I work with Mr. Freund at Versal.
  • Thomas Claiborne Frost or Thomas Claiborne (T.C.) Frost - (1833-1903): Frontier lawyer, Confederate commander, wool merchant and banker. In early 1861 Frost was a member of the Secession Convention in Austin and signed the Articles of Secession. Founder of Frost Bank a Texas-chartered bank founded in 1868 and based in San Antonio. Frost Bank remained financially sound through the Great Depression. Frost Bank was not caught with exposure to the 2008 financial crisis. Bronze statue of T.C. Frost in San Antonio TX by Sculptor Robert L. Dean Jr. directly across from the Frost National Bank headquarters downtown. Statue inscription: 'T. C. Frost 1833 – 1903 Educator, Attorney, Public Servant, Soldier, Merchant, Banker'. Frost Bank Tower is one of the tallest buildings in Austin, Texas. Born in Jackson County, Alabama in 1833, T. C. Frost graduated from Irving College in Tennessee before arriving in Texas in 1854 as an assistant professor at Austin College in Huntsville. In 1861, T. C. Frost organized a company in the Texas State Troops, known as the First Texas Mounted Riflemen. After he was elected lieutenant colonel, his regiment was then mustered into the Confederate States Army. [318][319][320][321][322]
  • Billy Fucillo - Owner of car dealership chain dominating New York, Florida, and other states
  • Niquenya D. Fulbright (req. 2010-03-10) Executive Life Coach, Business Analyst, Author & Motivational Speaker from Chicago, IL. Most notable for contributions to life coaching industry and founding the Life Coach Support Network (LCSN). [90][91]
  • John Furth - philanthropist, businessman, soldier. Chair of the board of Blythedale Children’s Hospital, Grand Street Settlement, Yale Board of Development, John and Hope Furth Professor of Psychiatry, Smithsonian Donor, Furth Family Endowment to Little Keswick School, Vice Chairman At Klingenstein and Co, Vice Chairman At Peter B Cannel, Vice Chairman and Warburg Pincus LLC, Lieutenant in the US Army in the Korian war.[323][324][325][326][327][328][329][330]


  • Bernard Garrett was an an African American businessman who is the subject of the film The_Banker_(2020_film). In the 1950s and 1960s in the USA, Garrett purchased at least 177 buildings and created life-changing opportunities for African Americans.[331]
  • Mate Galic (DJ, producer, label owner, journalist, CIO and President of Native Instruments) [92]
  • Gherson, Diane - Chief Human Resource Officer at IBM. Cornell University alumni.
  • Gigi & Dazza (Georgia Dickie and Darien Hage, content creators on the Youtube platform. They have a large influence and following across social media platforms.) ( [332], [333], [334], [335], [336], [337],)
  • Larry Gurreri - Founder of Sosemo, a digital marketing agency headquartered in New York City.[338][339][340][341][342][343][344][345][346][347][348]
  • Gang Wu - CTO of Goldwind, Most influencing people in wind industry '
  • Gianluigi Gabetti, Agnelli Group manager
  • Greg Gage, Backyard Brains CEO and Co-Founder. Senoir TED Fellow and Speaker,[349] Published Neuroscientist,[350] invetor of the SpikerBox and RoboRoach. CNN: [351] Forbes: [352] Ozy: [353]. LinkedIn: [354]
  • Dominic Gallello - Graphisoft CEO
  • Matt Garcia - CEO of Everyday Models Ltd and founder of Matt Garcia Design Studio Ltd and Matt Garcia Photography Ltd.
  • Adam Gerrard - Group CIO of Avis Europe
  • Raymond Gaspar - Owner and CEO of Theatre Venture FZCO, Owner and CEO of Leisure Ventures FZ LLC, Owner and CEO of Eco Leisure SARL, Owner and CEO of Radio One Lebanon SAL, Previous owner of The Palladium Dubai FZ LLC
  • Matt Giamela - Owner and operator of Giamela's Sub Sandwiches
  • Francesco Gianninoto (Industrial designer and founder of the Package Designers Council and of the Industrial Designers Institute of America, which honored him in 1985 as a pioneer in package design. His creations included the Marlboro flip-top cigarette box, the orange roof for Howard Johnson restaurants and Elsie the Borden cow. He was a consultant to manufacturers of many major products in the United States and abroad, including Dole pineapples. Lipton teas, Wild Turkey liquor, Buitoni spaghetti and Nestle confections.) [355][356][357][358][359][360]
  • Mark F. Gibbins - President of DME Corporation
  • Gwilym ML Gibbons - Founder and CEO of Creative Help
  • Margaret Gibson OBE - Scottish businesswoman, mentor with a focus on young people and women, recipient of Order of the British Empire in 2017[361], and theQueen's Award for Enterprise in 2015[362].
  • Rajesh Gill - Trader, known as '7 to 7 man', won landmark judgment of 20 million pounds against MF Global for fraud [93]
  • Ted Gilvar - Chief Marketing Officer/ Vice President of Monster Worldwide. As CMO 'he oversees all aspects of Monster Worldwide’s marketing strategy and execution globally. Over his more than 20 years of experience in advertising and marketing, Mr. Gilvar has led successful campaigns, re-branding initiatives and new product launches for some of the world’s best brands. Most recently, he was Executive Vice President and Senior Director at BBDO in New York where he headed the Monster account as well as the accounts of other major organizations and corporations.'
  • Ann Godbehere - Previously CFO of Swiss Re Group and Northern Rock
  • Flávio Godinho - Former right-hand-man to Eike Bastista and legal counsel at the EBX group of companies. Together with Batista, charged and sentenced to 22 years in person for paying former Rio de Janeiro state Governor Sérgio Cabral US$16.5 million in bribes in return for being awarded government contracts, as part of the Lava Jato (Operation Car Wash) bribery investigation. Following the collapse of EBX, set up energy trading firm, Cia. Positiva de Energia SA (now Energify Comercializadora de Energia S.A) with backing from Barclays Plc's private equity unit, Barclays Natural Resource Investors (now GNRI). Formerly vice president of Brazilian professional football club Clube de Regatas do Flamengo. 1]2345[94]
  • Balkrishna Gogte, also known as Raosaheb - Indian industrialist, philanthropist, and educationist. Subject of these extensive biographies: Kamath, M. V (1991). The Makings of a millionaire: a tribute to a living legend, Raosaheb B.M. Gogte, industrialist, philanthropist & educationist. Jaico Pub. House. OCLC25633742.; and Barve, Dattātraya Keśava (1982). Sāgaramegha: Rāvasāheba Bāḷakr̥shṇa Mahādeva Gogaṭe yāñca bhautika āṇi ālmika āvishakāra (in Marathi). Bombay Book Ḍepot : Sahāyyaka vitaraka Dilīparāja Prakāśana. OCLC12024875.
  • Greg Goode - Founder of Ignis Oil and Vitruvius Art. Since retiring to France in 2008, both businesses are now run by his sons.
  • Dee Dee Gordon - One of the founders of Look-Look
  • Chris Gorman - The multi-millionaire founder of Gadget Shop [95]
  • Harry Nathan Gottlieb - (Entrepreneur. Founder of Jellyvision, Jackbox Games, and Unify America.) 123
  • James V. Green - Director of Hinman CEOS Program at University of Maryland
  • Craig Adam Greenberg - Founding partner and Former CEO of 21C Museum Hotels [96]

[97] Lead investor of Ohio Valley Wrestling [98]

  • Melvin Greenberg - Founder of Miami Law Firm Greenberg Traurig
  • John Colin Grogan - Innovator in Sales, Group Head of Silverdene
  • Puneet Gupta - Director of Indigo Care
  • Roger Gorman - British entrepreneur and philanthropist based in the United Kingdom. Founder and CEO at ProFinda, and founder of ProTime 1234
  • Leopold Guldmann - Bavarian emigrant to U.S.A. in 1869; made millions of dollars from store 'Golden Eagle Dry Goods Company' in Colorado [99]
  • Poppy Gustafsson - CEO and Co-Founder of Darktrace. Considered to be a world leader in Autonomous Cyber AI. She created the first deployment of artificial intelligence for the enterprise) [100][101]


  • Kim Hammonds (Former COO Deutsche bank, current boardmember for several companies) (
  • Harry Handlery, (hotelier), El Cortez (San Diego), (1888-1965) first hotel, in 1928, Casa de Vallejo, Vallejo, California. 'Built as an industrial YMCA in 1919, it was bought by Russian-Jewish immigrant Harry Handlery in 1928.' [102][103][104][105][106][107][108][109][110][111][112][113][114][115][116][117][118][119][120][121][122][123][124][125][126][127][128][129][130][131][132][133][134][135][136][137][138][139][140][141][142][143][144][145][146][147][148][149][150][151][152][153][154][155][156][157][158][159][160][161][162][163][164][165][166][167][168][169][170][171][172][173]
  • Dirk Hoke (Chief Executive Officer of Airbus Defence and Space)[363][364][365]
  • Lori Hennon-Bell- Lori Hennon-Bell is the Chief Security Officer of Prudential Financial <>. She was previously Lt. Colonel in charge of Homeland Security in the New Jersey State Police (NJSP), becoming the highest-ranking female in the 80 year history of the NJSP (N.Y. / Region PUBLIC LIVES 'PUBLIC LIVES; For One Trooper, the Bad Guys Often Wore Blue' By CHRIS HEDGES, NYTimes)
  • Kenny Handkammer - chief mechanic of red bull, newly snatched up by Tesla [174]
  • Caroline Hurley - founder of Quintessentially Events
  • Michael S. Hall - President and Founder of Screening Services Group, operator of the Wilshire Screening Room and Fine Arts Theatre in Beverly Hills, CA
  • Morgan Housel Investment columnist, parter at the Collaborative Fund
  • Hemant Lochav (CEO & Founder of (
  • Jake Hammer - President of Resorts Ontario
  • Arash Hakhamian - CEO Gentle Dental, inventor of composite filter, professor at USCSD
  • Chris Haroun - Award winning MBA professor, venture capitalist, founder and CEO of Haroun Education Ventures, author of multiple best selling books (see [175], [176], [177])
  • Noosheen Hashemi (req. 2008-10-28) Philanthropist, Founder of The H.A.N.D. Foundation and PARSA Community Foundation
  • Gerald L. Hassell - President of The Bank of New York Mellon
  • Isadore M. Hattem - Founder of the first ever Supermarket. December 17th 1917 [178]
  • Daniel Haver CEO and Co-Founder of Native Instruments [179]
  • Roger Haywood - The originator of the concept of issues analysis in Public Relations
  • LeVan Hawkins - famous franchiser that went to jail for embezzlement
  • Kevin Hell - Current DIVX President/CEO who shut down the Stage6 video
  • Andrew Henderson - Founder of Nomad Capitalist
  • Ragan Henry - Pioneering African-American media mogul
  • Noel Peers Hepworth - OBE 1980 Chairman IPF (CIPFA) UK Chairman FEE (European Federation of Accountants) </ref>
  • Daniel Hersheson - Innovation in hair, brand. Market Leader Celebrity Hairdresser [366][367]
  • Luke Hersheson - Son of Daniel Hersheson Innovation in hair, brand. Market Leader Celebrity Hairdresse [368]
  • Earl Hewlette CEO Ginn Clubs and Resorts -
  • Jack D. Hidary co-founder of EarthWeb/Dice and founder and Chairman of Samba Energy [369][370][371][372]
  • Andrew Higginson (Businessman) - Chairman of Morrisons [373][374][375][376][377][378][379]
  • Rahim Hirji - CEO of Maths Doctor
  • Herit Lochav (CEO & Founder of ([380])
  • Ed Hirschy - Corporate owner of JDH Enterprises
  • Alan T. Hirzel - CEO of Abcam Plc [180], leader in social enterprise [381], and leader in life science industry [382]
  • Morris L. Hite - Member of the Advertising Hall of Fame [383]
  • Roger Hochschild - President & CEO of Discover Financial
  • Eugene Holman - Finnish Wikipedia article, also on the HBS website
  • Janne Honkanen - Chief Executive Officer, Director and founder of Luxury Action [384][385][181][386]
  • Maxine Horne - Australian businesswoman and founder of Fone Zone, now trading as Vita Group Limited[182][183][184]
  • Ron Hose - Founder of Tokbox, Entrepreneur
  • Ho Amei aka He Mei 何崑山 - a pioneering 19th-century Chinese entrepreneur in Hong Kong and Australia.[387] Already has Chinese Wikipedia page.[388]
  • Eiichi Hosokawa (細川永一) - Founder of Hosokawa Micron[185]
  • Masuo Hosokawa (細川益男) - Former president of Hosokawa Micron and horse owner [186]
  • Flora Huang (Vice President, Finance and Planning at Paramount Pictures. BA from UCLA and MBA from INSEAD. California CPA. Studied the principles of Blue Ocean Strategy with W. Chan Kim and earned a Blue Ocean Strategy Certificate. Philanthropic achievement for volunteer work with Red Eye non-profit earned the 2017 Viacommunity Award presented by Viacom. Special events volunteer at MPTF, highlighted for National Volunteer Month in 2018. Yelp Gold Elite. Went to Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School and was co-editor of the newspaper, The Forum with Emily Halpern, who went on to write and create Trophy Wife (TV series) ) ([389][390][391][392][393][394][395][396][397])
  • Brent Nathaniel Hunter - Founder of The Park, Entrepreneur, Author of The Rainbow Bridge, Author of The Pieces of Our Puzzle
  • Husain Faisal - Founder and CEO, Synechron <>
  • Dewaldt Huysamen - CEO and Owner of PCWIZODE CC
  • David Hutchin - Entrepreneur, Marketing Expert, Co-Founder of Custom Marketing[187]
  • Mori Hosseini -- Founder of ICI_Homes, Member of Board of Trustees of UFL: [188] and ERAU [189], Philanthropist: [190]


  • Alakanani Itireleng - Bitcoin business, Botswana.[398][399][400][401][402][403][404][405][406]


  • Jonathan Jossel - CEO of the Plaza Hotel & Casino in downtown Las Vegas [407][408][409][410][411]
  • Joe Cortright, Opinionist and Think Tanker on Gentrification at City Observatory
  • D.K. Johnston (founder The Arts Fund, curator the Quin, curator The Marcy Project) [412][413][414][415][416][417][418][419][420][421][422][423][424]
  • Yoni Jacobs- Executive Director & Chief Investment Strategist of Chart Prophet LLC. Author, 'Gold Bubble: How To Profit From The Impending Collapse of Gold'. [425][426]
  • Christian James - Founder of Creative Management Agency.[191], Creative Management Agency CMA is responsible for securing Designers for, Freelance Projects, Collaborations, Licensing, Sponsorship, and Executive & Creative Placement.
  • Dan Jester - Retired Goldman Sachs banker who served as advisor to Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson during the 2008 financial crisis.[427][428]
  • Linda Johnson-Rice - Chairman of the Board for Johnson Publishing Company, Board Member for Tesla,_Inc..
  • Peter A. Joseph- President of Israel Policy Forum
  • John Jubilee - President of Jubilee Transformations
  • Jain Parag - Founder, Aspire Interior & Furnishing <>
  • Johny Krahbichler - Founder of which received 11bx1371 CD
  • Jerry McClain - Founder of the Jerry McClain companies [429] 11-28-17

Rich Dad Poor Dad Scam


  • Nikhil Kamath - Co-Founder of Zerodha[192][193]
  • Chad Kapper - Founder of Flite Test and Rotor Riot. Executive producer and Director of Rotor DR1. Linkedin Profile
  • Kenichiro Yoshida - CEO of Sony Corporation[194][195][196]
  • Keith Creel (Railroad executive) - President and CEO of Canadian Pacific Railway, the safest Class I railway in North America. He is the 17th person to lead the railway since 1881. [430]
  • Aashish Kalra - Chairman of Cambridge Technology Enterprises & Cambridge Innovations, Aashish is a business professional and an equity investor in technology, infrastructure, real estate, energy, logistics and hospitality and a known global thought leader in AI & Big data[431]
  • Kaleel Seraje - Founder & CEO of Ownism, One of most emerging Online Marketplace in INDIA [432]
  • Christian Kjaer - European Wind Energy Assosiation CEO, Most influencing people in wind industry '
  • James L. Kneip - CEO. Kneip Investment Group.
  • Lynn Kegan - Designer and Carpenter on the Food Network's Restaurant: Impossible, and HGTV
  • Pierre Kago - Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of KAGO Kago-Kamine-Kachelofen GmbH & Co. Deutsche Wärmesysteme KG (biggest manufacturer of fireplaces, stoves and fire burning oven in Europe); he is the son of founder and former CEO Karl-Heinz Kago
  • Marvelless Mark Kamp - Edu-Tainer, Emcee and Corporate Motivator [197][433][434][435]
  • Radhakissen Kanoria - Founder of the Kanoria Group of companies & patriarch of the Kanoria family
  • Frank Karel III - President of the Rockefeller Foundation
  • Nikolas Kassimatis - Greek Tax Fraud, currently serving 504-year-sentence for ~$1.28 billion ponzi. Exploits include drastic plastic surgery to avoid prosecution.
  • Robert Kavner - Chairman of the Board at Earthlink, former CFO of AT&T, Director at Pandora and Idealab
  • Alexey Kedrin - Vice President of Carlsberg Group
  • Darrell Keezer - CEO of Candybox Marketing Inc. & Launch48, Author of 37 Ways Your Website Died,[436] Sheridan College Business Hall of Fame,[437] Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 (Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals),[438] Young Entrepreneur of the Year (Mississauga Board of Trade),[439] Award of Excellence (Excellence Canada) [440]
  • Gershon Kekst - Founder of Kekst & Company a corporate communications firm.[441][442][443][444][445][446][447][448][449][450][451][452][453][454][455][456][457][458][459][460][461][462][463][464][465][466][467][468][469]
  • Edwin S. Kelly (1857–1935) - founder of The Kelly-Springfield Tire Company and newspaper publisher in Springfield, Ohio
  • Oliver Smith Kelly (1824–1904) - early civic leader in Springfield, Ohio, and founder of the O. S. Kelly Company, a pioneering U.S. manufacturer of traction engines, agricultural implements, and piano plates. Father of Edwin S. Kelly.
  • Gregory G. Kerber (born 21 January 1963) is an American business owner and former digital media entrepreneur. He co-founded Wurld Media, a company that designed file-sharing and content distribution technology. He was convicted on felony charges related to mismanagement of that company. Later, Kerber served as CEO for consumer package goods companies. [470][471][472][473][474][475][476]
  • Davy Kestens - 23-year-old serial entrepreneur who recently raised $1.2M for his third business and went viral in European press
  • Wallace Key - Better known as Wally Key, has consistently inspired tremendous growth in several Chamber Of Commerce's including Northeast Tarrant County, Northwest Chamber in Oklahoma City [477] and most recently was named President to the Saginaw, TX Chamber Of Commerce,][
  • Raza Khan (MyRichUncle) - Co-Founder and President of MyRichUncle Student Loan Company NASDAQ: UNCL
  • Sharifa Khan - current President & CEO for Balmoral Marketing Inc.
  • Pamela O. Kimmet - Chief Human Resources Officer of Manulife. Manulife Financial Corporation and The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company announced that Pamela O. Kimmet has been appointed to their Board of Directors, effective March 7, 2016.
  • Van Leer Kirkman - Played several important roles in Nashville's history.
  • Paul Kirwin - Founder of eXperticity, Founder and CEO of Channel Signal
  • Seth Kniep - Creator of Just One Dime, an online coaching program that teaches people how to make money selling through Amazon FBA. Turned one dime into $100,000 and has the goal to help others do the same.
  • Michael Kojima – Japanese-American businessman and contributor to George H. W. Bush's 1992 re-election presidential campaign [478]
  • Kumar Konanur - co-founded Yipkon Business Sytems in 1978
  • German A. Korobov- Soviet weapons designer responsible for TKB line of weapons systems
  • Felipe Korzenny- Director, Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication, Florida State University; Founder of Hispanic and Asian Marketing Communication Research, and Co-Founder of Cheskin. Pioneer in US Multicultural Marketing. Author of 'Hispanic Marketing: Connecting with the New Latino Consumer' and many other publications.
  • Bob Koski - Co-founder of Sun Hydraulics (NASDAQ:SNHY). Known for introducing a radical — and wildly successful — bottom-up management philosophy that formed the basis of several Harvard Business School case studies. Founder of the software company nMetric, which offers dynamic scheduling software serving complex manufacturing environments.
  • Mikhail Kokorich - founder and former CEO of MOMENTUS. Momentus Inc. is an early-stage space transportation company. Known for battle with SEC. Mikhail Kokorich, whose actions are at the heart of SEC’s allegations, didn’t join in the settlement and is fighting the charges.
  • Pavan Kota - CEO of KINDUZ Consulting
  • Kaihan Krippendorff - Clinical Professor of Innovation , Creator of Outthinker Process Strategic Innovation Methodology, Thinkers50 Innovation Award 2019, Author Driving Innovation From Within (2019) (Columbia University Press) and Author of Outthink the Competition (Wiley)
  • Elizabeth Krukosky - Founder and CEO of Cool Fire Technologies, LLC
  • Juris A. Kupris- CEO of Juris Kupris Fitness LLC, Juris Kupris Training LLC, Your Fitness Company LLC. Specializing in the production of Exercise videos [198]
  • Edward B. Kurpis - Co-Founder of cable television network CNBC; Founding Vice President of Finance and Administration for NBC's Cable and Business Development division; Former member of the Board of Directors of A&E network, Court TV network (now TruTV); NBC-Cablevision Executive Partnership Board governing operations of American Movie Classics, Bravo, and 10 regional sports networks.
  • Balasubramaniyam Kandaswamy - CEO & Co-Founder of Contus Support Interactive[199]
  • Henning Andreas Klovekorn, CEO of Skytrust, CEO of Schwerpunkt, Board of Council for International Trade, published author on various including Freemasonry and Leadership. Various existing references in wiki.
  • Harjinder Singh Kukreja - Restaurateur, Bakery Owner, First Sikh to Skydive with the Turban, Social Activist, Creator of the largest religious SMS blog [479][480][481][482][483][484][485][486][487][488][489][490]
  • Marko Kažić (Serbian startup entrepreneur, School 2.0 evangelist, speaker and programmer, founder of Zamphyr) ([200], [201], [202], [203], [204],[205], [206], [207], [208], [209], [210], [211], [212], [213], [214], [215], [216], [217])
  • Badri Kothandaraman - CEO of Enphase (ENPH) Nasdaq, leading the transformation from Direct Current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC), with adoption of Microinverters. Revolutionizing the Solar Industry and electrical grid architecture paving the way for sustainable distributed generation. [218]
  • Larry Kuperman - Director of Business Development at Nightdive Studios. Computer game industry veteran. Selected to the '50 Over 50' game creators by Game Advocacy. Contributed to titles including the remasters of Turok and Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, Forsaken Remastered, Galactic Civilizations I & II, and the Political Machine. Previously worked at GameStop and Stardock. IGDA Board member. Outside of games, author and lecturer on Jewish American history and culture.


  • Noah Labhart - Dallas-based entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Touchtap, and CTO of Veryable. [491][492][493][494]
  • Michael Lawrence, Chief Executive of Asia House - Chief Executive of Asia House and the former Global Editor of Thomson Reuters. As Chief Executive of Asia House, Michael Lawrence is a commentator on trade, investment and public policy in Asia. He is a former journalist and senior figure in global media, having served as Global Editor of Thomson Reuters. On global trade shifts impacting on Middle East [495] On participating in major trade dialogues and economic forums [496] On aviation links between UK and Asia [497] Role in investigating death of Reuters journalist in Iraq [498][499][500] On Reuters appointment [501] On promoting mindfulness and removing stigma around mental health [502]
  • Damon Lawner - Damon Lawner is the sole owner and founder of Snctm, the secretive erotic society based in Beverly Hills, California. [503][504][505][506][507][508]
  • Jason Layton - Jason Layton is the creator of WAR Zone, a live pairing Elo-like rating system that pairs youth and collegiate wrestlers with others of a similar skill level [219]. Jason is the producer of 'The Grind', a reality show hosted on YouTube about youth wresting [220]. Jason also owns the Dynamic Wrestling club, a youth wrestling facility in Long Island, New York [221]. Here, Jason also developed the Dynamic Wrestling curriculum, the first online curriculum for wrestlers to reference and train along with. [509]
  • Edmond Leka - Edmond Leka, is one of the most succesful and influential Albanian Entrepreneurs. He is the founder and owner of Financial Union Tirana, Union Bank, UnionNet, MediaUnion and AutoNet. Adittionally he has investments win the telecomunications market with Plus Communications. Edmond Leka's investment potfolio extenndes into further activities, including real estate development, media and the financial sector.. His corporations in spread across Europe, in countries such as Albania, Switzerland, Macedonia and Kosovo, employing over 3,000 people. This makes Edmond Leka one of the most thriving and influential businessmen in Albania as portrayed in the Financial times. He has 2 children. Born in Tirana, Albania on the 17 May 1963. Currently he ranks the 5th richest Albanian, believed to have a networth over €150million.
  • Phil Long - Founder of Phil Long Dealerships.
  • Joel Langlois - Owner of the DeltaPlex Arena, Intersection Night Club and The B.O.B in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  • Marianna Latsis - daughter of the late Greek shipping tycoon Yiannis Latsis and one of the heirs of his fortune (see also Spiros Latsis).
  • Jasmine Lawrence - Teenage President and CEO of EDEN BodyWorks. A company she started at age 13 that makes all natural hair and body care products. [222]
  • Jun 'John' Lee - Founder and namesake of Lee Law Firm - attorney-in-law, environmental lawyer, and entreprenueur; has worked with many corporations and companies, including INFINIA, and their Sterling Engine technologies
  • Mary Ann Liebert (person)—established publisher Mary Ann Liebert in 1980.[510][511]
  • Charles 'Chuck' Levin - Businessman and founder of Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center, est. 1958.
  • Pascal Norman Levensohn - Businessman, professional investor and technology entrepreneur who founded Levensohn Venture Partners and Generation Strategic Advisors in San Francisco. He is the owner/operator of Levensohn Vineyards and chairman of the board of ShotSpotter, a gunfire locator technology company; he previously served on the board of directors of the National Venture Capital Association from 2007-2011. Most recently, Levensohn was a founding member of Dolby Family Ventures, a venture capital fund established to honor the legacy of Ray Dolby who founded Dolby Laboratories.
  • Edward T. Lewis (businessperson) - Edward T. Lewis - (Essence Communications) Chairman/CEO of Essence Communications Inc., a diversified, multi-million dollar corporation. One of the most successful and diverse African American-owned communications companies in the United States.Chairman, Magazine Publishers of America, TransAfrica Forum; board of directors, Black Council on Africa, Rheeland Foundation, Negro Ensemble of New York City; trustee, Tuskegee University, Leadership Council of the Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding, Teachers College of Columbia University.
  • Kyle Marcus Lilford - Head of Sales for Key Group, the UK’s largest equity release broker. Former, Director of Lending for Evolution Money and founder of FSLS Group Ltd a group of financial services businesses based in Cheshire [512]
  • Hyung Khu Lim - CEO of Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology
  • Robert Liodice - President and CEO of Association of National Advertisers (ANA)
  • Dylan Purcell Lowe - Co-Founder and CEO of Somabar, Inc[513] Alumni of Occidental College [514]
  • Dan Lufkin - Co-founder of Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette and Questor Partners
  • Trond Lyngbø - Trond Lyngbø is the founder of Search Planet AS, marketing influencer, co-author of Google It: Total Information Awareness and actor in Apocalypse Code[515][516][517][518][519]
  • Tai Lopez - founder of 67 Steps, a company with over 180,000 paying customers.
  • Emily M Leproust - co-founder and Ceo of Twist Bioscience
  • Homer Lagassey Jr. - car designer who worked for GM and Ford, famous for designing Buick Lesabre concept car and Ford J car body [223][224]. Was involved in a flying accident during his military service, he was the son of Homer Legassey Snr, a musician and composer,[225] and who was also the divisional director of music at the Detriot Board of Education. This is a page on the Norwegian Wikipedia but it only has one ref, and it doesn't open! Lots of paper refs.


  • Aaron Mitchom (Aaron Mitchom is an American business-person who an investment banking analyst. He is well known for being a beneficiary for the billionaire Robert F. Smith Morehouse college student loan forgiveness scholarship.
  • Joe Megibow (Joe Megibow is an American business-person who is the current CEO of Purple (company). He has worked at other companies such as American Eagle Outfitters and Expedia.
  • Malik Mehrose (Malik Mehrose is a Kashmiri Entrepreneur who is the current CEO of SHOPYLL (company).
  • Dominick Mitchell - (Dominick Mitchell is a Canadian Business Analyst and Social Entrepreneur who is proficient in designing business models that disrupt existing markets and captures economic, social, and cultural values. Born in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, the 22-year-old analytical sensation created his first company with the help of his dad at the age of 13 as a Camilla Senior Road Public School student. Baby steps as it were, his business would grow when he was mentored by his high school business teachers, Nelson Damaso and Lucio Marcantonio.) [520][521][522][523][524][525][526][527][528][529]
  • Promoth Manghat (Promoth Manghat is the Chief Executive Officer of the UAE Exchange Group) [530][531][532][533][534][535][536][537][538][539][540][541][542][543][544][545][546][547][548][549][550][551]
  • Paul S Mangano - (Paul is a 34-year veteran in the industrial and high technology sectors with a career distinguished by unmatched execution, quality leadership and positive results. He successfully merged a startup into a Fortune 500 company, managed a distressed business through change, integrated four business units into one cohesive company and have led enterprises into new markets to stimulate growth.) [552][553][554][555]
  • Mustafa Icil - Strategic Marketing Consultant who has worked in Microsoft, Apple and Google in senior roles. [] []
  • Diana Madison - Host and founder of and Hollyscoop TV. [].
  • Evan D. Malone - American entrepreneur. Founder of NextFab Studio LLC, Sojourn Restaurant Group, and [email protected] Undergraduate degree in physics from University of Pennsylvania and Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Cornell University. Son of American businessman John C. Malone. [556][557][558]
  • Sandy Malone - Wedding and event planner on Vieques Island in Puerto Rico. Reality TV star in TLC's Wedding Island. Owner of Sandy Malone Weddings and Events, Weddings in Vieques, Weddings in Culebra, and Flowers in Vieques. Blogs for Brides magazine, Huffington Post, Monsters and Critics as well as other sites. Sandy worked in politics and journalism writing for and editing Campaigns & Elections Magazine as well as writing the first Politics.Net column for the Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition. She grew up in Washington D.C. and attended a prestigious Catholic girls’ school where she won a Maryland State Editorial Award for her newspaper writing and launched an independent area-wide interscholastic newspaper.[559][560][561][562][563][564][565][566][567][226][568][227][569][570][571][572][573][574]
  • Michael Schuster - wine writer, wine taster and wine teacher with over 25 years experience. He is the person behind Wine school by Michael Schuster
  • Melissa Macbride - KABC-TV reporter. [228]
  • Victor MacFarlane - Founder and CEO of MacFarlane Partners, the largest minority owned investment management real estate company. Former owner of DC United.
  • Peter Mallouk - President and CEO of Creative Planning, partial owner of the Kansas City Royals, philanthropist, and author of The 5 Mistakes Every Investor Makes and How to Avoid Them: Getting Investing Right (2014), Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook (2017) cowritten with Tony Robbins, and The Path: Accelerating Your Journey to Financial Freedom (2020) cowritten with Tony Robbins; [229][230][231][232][233] [ [234][235][236][237][238], [239][240][241][242][243][244][245]
  • John Hastings Marmaduke - CEO of Hastings Entertainment Inc.
  • Charles Arthur Moore - founder of Manning Maxwell and Moore
  • James Mandell - President and CEO of Children's Hospital Boston
  • Dr. Allan Manning - academic, author, media commentator and award-winning business advisor in the Australian insurance industry
  • Ian Marcousé - Former Chief examiner of AQA Business Studies
  • Petras Masiulis - CEO of Tele2 Lithuania
  • Omar Mashabi - Saudi Business man that is head of Snasco
  • Ichisaburō Matsudaira - Japanese shipowner, manager of the Shanghai branch of and later document manager and advisor to Nippon Yusen.[575][576][577][578]
  • David Matthews (Hotelier) Former racing driver, hotelier David Matthews co-owns Eden Rock Hotel with his second wife, Jane. Eden Rock, St Barthélémy Hotel is an exclusive retreat patronised by the rich and famous on the caribbean island of St Barthelemy, where rooms can cost over £3,000 per night. Jane Matthews is sometimes artist-in-residence. One of David and Jane Matthews's children, James, is married to Pippa Middleton, sister of The Duchess of Cambridge. [579][580]
  • Jamie Daniel Moody - Founder / Co-owner of 3T Soccer a football coaching company. Founder / Co-owner of AeroBall Soccer a football zorbing company.
  • John Mauldin - American financial expert, author of several books
  • Rodney Mayo - Founder of Respectable Street in West Palm Beach, one of the longest running nightclubs in the Southeast US - Owner of Several successful nightclubs and restaurants in South Florida
  • Shannon McAleavey - current Vice President for Walt Disney World
  • Stuart McClure – CEO and Founder of Cylance, Inc., a cybersecurity company based in Irvine, California, USA. Author of 'Hacking Exposed.' [246][247][248][581][582][583][584][585][586][587][249]
  • Marshall McDonald (businessperson) - Marshall McDonald - Chairman of Florida Power and Light
  • W. Wallace McDowell - IBM director of engineering* , namesake of the W. Wallace McDowell Award
  • Scott McIntosh - Founder and President of, Founder of, Organizer of Nashville 2.0, Speaker, Author of Google Juice.
  • Brandon McKenna - Founder & CEO of storybook labs (
  • Dianne McKeever, activist investor, Ides Capital, profiled in the NY Times, [588] Fortune;[589] working to change corporate boards,[590][591] distinguished alumni award from Stevens Institute of Technology,[592] interviewed by Meb Farber,[593], Crain's New York 40 under 40,[594]
  • Jennifer McMillin - Vice President for Golin Harris International
  • F. William McNabb III - CEO of The Vanguard Group, which pioneered low-expense mutual funds
  • Kevin McPhillips - [250]
  • Frank Meehan - CEO and Co-founder of INQ Mobile (part of Hutchison Whampoa), Board Member of Spotify[595][596][597][598]
  • Mehron Melik - founder of Mehron Inc., theatrical makeup manufacturer
  • Peter Melnikov - Vice President of Marketing, MoveYourWeb
  • Leib Merkin - founder of Merkin & Company and Fifth Avenue Synagogue. Leipzig Furrier was father of Hermann Merkin.1878-1976
  • Lara Merriken - founder of Lärabar[599]
  • Myke Metzger[600] - founder of stoqd - [601][602][603] a marketing and branding agency. Author of 'Credibility Method' [604] The Simple Method To Establishing Your Credibility & Increasing Your Legitimacy In Your Industry or Career. Client roster consists of national brands Long & Foster [605], Dairy Queen [606], Richmond Kickers [607], and individuals such as James Arthur [608], Aaron Carter [609], Jesse Smith - 5th place Tattoo Artist contestant from season 2 of Ink Master [610], Rudy Giuliani [611], and more. Many brands have collaborated with Myke including Fiverr [612], Trendy Butler [613], and Cash App. He has presented from stage alongside Grant Cardone from Undercover Billionaire [614], and Professional Poker Player Dan Fleyshmman [615]. Myke is a verified figure on all social media platforms and frequently works with well known celebrities and professional athletes. [616][617][618][619][620][621]
  • Paul J. Meyer (Early founder of the leadership development industry. Founded Success Motivational International and Leadership Management International. Authored dozens of books. Helped individuals like John Maxwell, Darren Hardy, and more get their start in the leadership industry. Owned dozens of businesses around the world. Companies previously listed are in over 80 countries around the world.) (,, The Story of Paul J. Meyer book)
  • Jesse Middleton - Co-founder of WeWork Labs. Founder of Backstory. Investor in Benny, fitmob, inDinero,, Sombrero, Thunderclap_(website). Advisor to Symple, YourTrove (acquired by LiveNation). [622][623][624][625][626]
  • Alex Mittal CEO FundersClub - First online venture capital firm where private investors gain access to high-growth startups. [627][628][629][630][631][632][633][634][635][636][637][638][639][640][641][642][643][644][645][646][647][648][649][650][251][252][253][254][255][256][257][258][259][260][261][262][263][264][265]
  • John Monarch - Founder and CEO of ShipChain, open source blockchain technology company [651][652][653]
  • Andrew Monfried- Founder and CEO of Lotame Solutions, Inc. Formerly of
  • Richard Monroe - President for Darden Restaurants
  • Scott Monty - Global Head of Social Media, Ford Motor Company [266][654]
  • Stephen Ball Munn - Wealthy New York Financier 1766 to 1855-one of the wealthiest businessmen in New York in the early 1800's-significant life and a cantankerous character.
  • Robert W. Musslewhite - Chairman and CEO, The Advisory Board Company (ABCO since 2008, built leading cloud-based technology company; Washingtonian Magazine Tech Titan and E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year; Princeton NCAA champion swimmer. He received an A.B. degree in Economics from Princeton University and a J.D. from Harvard Law School. Named 2013's Most Admired CEO in health care by the Washington Business Journal. Before joining ABCO he was an Associate Principal at McKinsey & Company. [655]
  • Gordon S. Murray - Co-Author of 'The Investment Answer' and former bond salesman with Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, and Credit Suisse First Boston. Authored the book after being diagnosed with glioblastoma, a type of brain cancer.
  • Mary Beth McDade - News anchor of KTLA.
  • Matthew A. Murphy - international arbitrator - one of a small group of foreigners to become an arbitrator with the Beijing Arbitration Commission. [656][657][267][268]
  • Ranjeet S Mudholkar - Vice Chairman and CEO Financial Planning Standards Board India [] and Former Director Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies (SIMS) Pune []
  • Vlad Molchadski (CEO and Founder of BizTraffic, LLC, a Digital Marketing Company based in Dallas, TX. He is a small business entrepreneur and an editor on HuffPost.) [658][659][660][661][662][663][664][665][666][667][668])
  • Prabhath Mannapperuma - A Sri Lankan Social Entrepreneur who founded a non profit organization called STEMUP Educational Foundation on 2016. [669][670][671][672][673][674][675][676][677][678]


  • Rick Nguyen - As Cofounder at Spot Trender, Rick creates and refines enterprise solutions for professional advertisers to win hearts and minds. Built Spot Trender from scratch to profitability. Spot Trender was featured on major publications such as Advertising Age, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance. In his spare time Rick enjoys various projects to promote STEM education and advanced science in the United States. [679][680]
  • Sridharan Nair - Managing Director and CEO of PriceWaterhouseCoopers Malaysia [269]
  • Khailee Ng Managing Partner of 500 Startups. Khailee Ng built and exited two startups - GroupsMore (acquired by Groupon) and (acquired by Catcha Group) [270][271]
  • Navneet Chauhan (Navneet Chauhan holds a bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the National Institute of Aeronautical Engg., Rajasthan University. He has experience in the field of Aircraft and Mechanical. He was previously the Employer of Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd. and has worked with Vodafone Network, then after Navneet Joined G4S India Pvt. Ltd., Posted as Circle Head at North-East India. in the year 2015 Navneet resigned from his job, the after he decided to be an Entrepreneur, As Navneet says' in the year 2015 and 2016 it was struggle time for me, I was understanding and learning the internet, well I always excited to learn a new technology new experiments, well I though am an engineering experiment should be in your blood. those days Digital India word was excited to me, so I decided to make an Indian Search Engine where peoples do everything those things which are related to search on the Internet hardly. maybe Business, online shopping, buyer's suppliers, etc. I honestly say I am a patriot person. that's why am also a member of the Bhartiya Janta Party. so I took 3 days to decide a domain name and finally I decided to call it KHOJinINDIA. the meaning of [ KHOJinINDIA] is Search in India.) [681] []


  • Cherry Onglatco - Chief Executive Officer of Health Guard Care
  • Preston Ochsner - Vice President of Frontier Utilities
  • Warren Osborn - Warren Osborn is a serial entrepreneur who has founded and led numerous companies. His businesses have designed, produced and sold hundreds of millions of units and penetrated 80+% of American households and spanned to dozens of countries. One of Warren’s recent companies, Braven, brought innovative features to portable speakers: waterproof, shock resistance, true high fidelity wireless (separate left and right channels wirelessly), and the speaker doubling as a power-bank to recharge other portable devices. In 2013, Warren is a passionate product inventor and holder of numerous patents, including the Blu-ray disc package, which realized worldwide adoption and created the global standard for high definition media. Another of his companies became the world leader in gift card packaging. He has founded companies in consumer products, supply chain management, manufacturing, technology, media, fashion, packaging, home appliances. He and his companies have received numerous awards including the 2nd fastest growing company in Utah, the 11th fastest growing consumer products company in the United States (Inc. 500), Businessman of the Year Award, and Best M&A Transaction in the USA (Small Markets, 2013). In addition to being a entrepreneur, Warren is an active venture and growth equity investor, having invested in more than 40 private companies. He also founded The Seastone Foundation, a philanthropic organization, to provide medical and other aid to disadvantaged children. Warren received a B.A. in Chinese from Brigham Young University (graduating in X year) and an MBA from Duke, Fuqua School of Business (graduating 1999). Notable articles and pages: [682][683][684][685][686][687][688][689]
  • Ramona Ostrander] - Community Leader: Guelph, Ontario Youth Mentor Entrepreneur Telus Community Cares Ambassadorfor RE/MAX Real Estate Centre Inc., Brokerage[272]
  • Janica Owen - Vice President Ecommerce of Discount Hitch & Truck Accessories
  • Kenneth Owen - President/CEO of Discount Hitch & Truck Accessories


  • Giridhar Premsingh is the Global Chief Financial Officer of DoiT International. Former CFO of Onica and REAN Cloud. He has done over $1.5 billion in exits.
  • Priyantha Kariyapperuma[690] is a renowned billionaire businessman, public figure and a renowned government official in Sri Lanka.Co-owner of of Voice of Asia Network (Pvt) Ltd. The Largest Media Network in Sri Lanka[691][692] He has held positions in the fields of Marketing, Aviation, Political consultancy, Telecommunication & Media and is known for his work in the industries in Sri Lanka & Globally.[693],[694],[695],[696],[697] ,[698],[699], [700], [701][702][703][704][705][706]
  • Puravankara Ashish is Managing Director in Puravankara Limited. [707]
  • Parag Munot is Managing Director, & Director in Kalpataru Group companies. He is son of Billionaire Mofatraj Munot.
  • Henrik Poulsen (Executive) - DONG Energy CEO, Most influencing people in wind industry [708]
  • Duncan J. Palmer - senior vice president of Owens-Corning, Inc. See
  • Ralph L. Palmer - manager of the IBM Poughkeepsie Engineering Laboratory
  • Kumar Parakala - CEO KPMG [709]
  • Hadi Partovi - Internet entrepreneur (iLike, Tellme) and angel investor (DropBox, Zappos, Facebook). See [710] and [273]
  • Diane Pearson - shareholder and CFP at Legend Financial Advisors, Inc.
  • Ian Pegler - CEO of Little Chef
  • Gordon Pell. Board member of the the Royal Bank of Scotland Group and Chief Executive of Coutts & Co
  • John A. Peters V- CEO of Shatter Box Inc.
  • Timothy Pethick - Australian Entrepreneur, nudie drinks founder
  • Herb H. Peyton - founder and President of the Gate Petroleum Co.
  • Keyvan Peymani - Managing Director, Digital Strategy Division ICM Partners.
  • William L. Phelan - Surety Underwriter at Cincinnati Financial, famous Elder High School graduate
  • Darin Phillips - Author of several books on training and counseling activities, presenter at national conferences on customer insight, and consultant on competency-based human resources (talent management) best practices
  • Brandon Piety - Co-founder and current Chief Operations Officer of PartnersHub, LLC.
  • Jonathon Perrelli-Co-founder of LifeFuels, Inc., Founder of Fortify Ventures
  • Craig Pisaris-Henderson - Serial Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of (NASDAQ: FWHT) first publicly traded PPC search engine and first publicly traded performance-base SEO firm, Founder & CEO of MIVA, Inc. (NADSAQ: MIVA), built one of the largest performance base marketing PPC networks in the world after acquiring Espotting, Founder & CEO of Lexos Media (parent Company of Cursor Marketing and AdBull), contributing associate with Kelly Allan Associates, one of the original pioneers of SEO dating back to 1996, created first pay-for-placement local business directory ( - 1996), one of the original pioneers of PPC, creator of the cursor ad, early adopter and pioneer of online behavioral analytics and first to introduce a post-click analytic solution for the PPC market, lead over $250 Million in global M&A, created global partnerships with many of the world's largest companies such as Lycos, Verizon and Mitsui, Winner of the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. See,[711][712][713][714][715], [716], [717], [718], [719], [720], [721], [722],[723][724],[725][726][727][728] and,[729][730][731][732][733], [734]
  • David Pollack (Executive) - President and CEO of Space Communication Ltd, an Israeli company based in Ramat Gan, Israel. Bachelor’s degree in Electric Engineering (cum laude) from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel. M.B.A. from the New York University Stern School of Business. [735], [736]
  • Dan Porter - Internet entrepreneur (OMGPOP, Ticketweb. Worked for Richard Branson and early employee and eventually first President of Teach For America. Creator of the hit mobile game Draw Something. Known for hiring back laid off employees so they would benefit when company was sold for $200mm. See [737] and [274]. Also: [738], [739] and [740]
  • Troy Post - Insurance executive and financier in Texas, 1950s and 60s.
  • David Postings - CEO of Welcome Finance
  • Rice Powell (Businessman) - CEO and Chairman of the Management Board of Fresenius Medical Care and management board member of Fresenius SE.[741]
  • Ashley Power- Co-Founder/CEO of the now defunct teen website [275]
  • Katherine Power (businessperson) chief executive of Clique Media Group [742]
  • Kenneth W. Price - CEO of CHF Enterprises
  • Andrew Prossin - Managing Director of One Ocean Expeditions, a polar expeditions cruise company that specializes in tourist voyages to the lesser accessed regions of the Antarctic and Arctic. He played an integral role in the Canadian Government's discovery of the Sir John Franklin's lost ship, the H.M.S. Erebus, in Canada's Northwest Passage.
  • Bob Proctor - (July 5th, 1934) Chairman and Co-Founder of Proctor Gallagher Institute. He is an author, speaker, consultant, coach and mentor. He was featured in the movie, The Secret as a proponent of the Law of Attraction philosophy. His biggest book success has come from a book called You Were Born Rich. He was once an owner of an international custodial service company he founded but his start in the industry came from working directly with Earl Nightingale, the 'Dean of Personal Development' who authored The Strangest Secret and created an ongoing radio program of the same name that lasted between 1950 and 1969. See [743] and [744]


  • Mark K. Quarles - computer programmer, insurance agent, owner of CALIAN PARK Inc.


  • R. Raman Dandyan - CEO, Raman Dandyan Marketing Inc.. R. Raman Dandyan is the CEO of Raman Dandyan Marketing Inc.[745] He was featured on yahoo in 2020 for his extraordinary work in digital marketing field. [746]
  • R. Shankar Raman - CFO, Larsen & Toubro. R. Shankar Raman is the CEO of India's multinational company Larsen & Toubro.[747] In 2021, he received the Lifetime Acheivement Award by Financial Express FE CFO Awards . [748]
  • Rorian Pratyaksa - CBDO, PayAccess. Rorian Pratyaksa is the CBDO of Indonesia's Financial technology company PayAccess. In 2018, he was listed in the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list in Finance and Venture Capital category.[749][750][751]
  • J. Newton Rayzor - 20th Century businessman and philanthropist from Texas. [752][753][754][755][756]
  • Anuj Ranjan - Managing Partner and CEO - South Asia & Middle East, of Brookfield Asset Management
  • Neil Rasmussen (req. 2009-03-19) - founder, American Power Conversion Corporation [276]
  • Dr. Pailla M Reddy - founder, President and CEO, Bactolac Pharmaceutical Inc., ScieGen Pharmaceuticals Inc., Dr. Pailla Malla Reddy is an Indian American businessman who was born in the village of Sunkishala in Nalgonda district of Andhra Pradesh in India. He is a leading entrepreneur in the pharmaceutical industry in Long Island, NY. He is now the owner and CEO of Bactolac Pharmaceuticals, Atlantic Essential Products Inc, and ScieGen Pharmaceuticals located in Happague, NY and one of the founders/directors of InvaGen Pharmaceuticals Inc. [757][758][759][760]
  • Caterina Replica Gualtieri - industrialist of the fashion trademark Ketty, of building trade, decorated for the Italian resistance movement in the group Giustizia e Libertà
  • Robert L Reynolds (Robert Lloyd Reynolds has been the Chief Executive Officer and President at Great-West Lifeco U.S. Inc. since March 20, 2014. Mr. Reynolds had joined the firm in 2008. He serves as the Chief Executive Officer and the President at Putnam Investments Inc., Canada. Mr. Reynolds serves as Chief Executive Officer at Putnam Advisory Company LLC. He served as the Chief Officer, President, and Member of the Board of Directors of Putnam Investment Management, LLC . Prior to joining Putnam, Mr. Reynolds spent 24 years at Fidelity Investments, where he most recently served as the Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer from June 2000 to 2007. He served as the President and Director of Fidelity Investments Money Management Inc. Mr. Reynolds served as the President at Fidelity Investments Institutional Retirement Group from 1996 to 2000. He served as the President at Fidelity Institutional Retirement Services Company from 1989 to 1996. Mr. Reynolds was an Executive Vice President at Fidelity Management Trust Company from 1984 to 1989. He joined Fidelity in 1984. Before that, Mr. Reynolds served as a Senior Vice President at North Carolina National Bank in Charlotte, N.C., from 1977 to 1984. He has been a Director of Great-West Life & Annuity Insurance Co. since May 2, 2014. Mr. Reynolds, who in 2006 was among a handful of finalists to become commissioner of the National Football League before the NFL selected Roger Goodell.) [761][762][763][764][765][766]
  • Robert Riach, Riach Independent Financial Advisers, born in Carlisle 28 December 1954, Known as Bob Riach often quoted in National Financial Publications. involved with local charities and is the Vice Chairman of Lincolnshire Charity Appeals Committee, also a School Governor at Brumby School in Scunthorpe. Member of the Scunthorpe Round Table was president of The Scunthorpe Round for the year 2011/2012
  • Una Riley (req. 2016-02-18) - Mother of actress Talulah Riley, owner of iAudit Consultants, owner of Unacom, frequent contributor to Professional Security Magazine. [277][278][767]
  • Efrain Rivera - Hispanic CFO for Bausch & Lomb
  • Alberto Rizzoli - it:Andrea Rizzoli's son
  • Jeff Robinov - former head of Warner Bros.' cinematic division. (Requested 2014.03.30)
  • Greg Roebuck - Gregory Paul Roebuck is the founder of has been a Director of Ltd since June 25, 1996. In May 2002 he become Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director at Ltd. Greg won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the Southern Region of Australia in technology & emerging industries: software, hardware, telecommunications, digital media and health sciences. He then went on to win the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Australia in November 2009 . He studied in Computer Science from RMIT (Melbourne) but unlike many CEOs did not complete his studies. He is a Fellow of Australian Institute of Company Directors. [768][769][770][771]
  • Mark Roesler - an American intellectual property rights lawyer and business entrepreneur. He is the chairman and CEO of CMG Worldwide. Before Roesler, the heirs of deceased celebrities were denied compensation for use of their personas and had no control of whether their names or likenesses were used. Today, he is internationally recognized as the world’s foremost authority on intellectual property rights involving celebrities, credited with helping to establish guidelines that delegate the control of a celebrity’s image or likeness. [772][773][774][775][776]
  • David Ropes - President of Reebok
  • Allan J. Ross - President/CEO of AJ Ross Creative Media, an advertising company in its 20th year in business
  • Alan P. Rossy - President and Chief Executive Officer of Groupe Copley, Founding family family member of Dollarama, Canadian businessman. [777]
  • Ariella Rotenberg - Self-proclaimed Harvard University graduate, investor
  • Joe Rotunda - CEO, EZCORP
  • Kenneth Rowe (businessperson) - industrialist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Head of IMP Group.
  • Luca Rubino - Global Head of Digital at Automobili Pininfarina. Luca Rubino is the Global Head of Digital of Automibili Pininfarina. In 2019, he was listed in the Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe list in Future Italian Leaders category. [778][779][780][781]
  • Ben Rudolph (businessperson) - Ben Rudolph - - Microsoft evangelist, notable for the #smokedbywindowsphone Internet campaign
  • Percy S Rueber- Senior Executive Vice President & CEO Global Financial Markets, ING Bank N.V. / Board of AFME and GFMA / Economic Society of Singapore
  • Andra Rush – mentioned in the state of the union address. [279]
  • Stephen L. Rush - (req. 2009-06-17) - Founder & CEO of bio-fuel manufacturing company For Fuel Freedom, Inc.[782]
  • Terrence Ryan - Co-founder of Knightsbridge_Solutions_LLC, serial entrepreneur, founder, board chairman and CEO of LaunchPoint Corporation.[783]
  • Zachariah Reitano (CEO & cofounder of Ro, the end-to-end digital health company. Zachariah has been named Inc. Magazine's 30 Under 30[784], Business Insider's 30 Under 40 in Healthcare[785], and a finalist in Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur of the Year Award - New York.[786])
  • Andrej Rusakov (Serial entrepreneur, Investor, Hedge Fund Manager, and Philanthropist) ([787][788][789][790][791][792][793])


  • Moe Shalizi: (Music executive and entrepreneur. Founder and CEO of The Shalizi Group and Pick Six Records. In 2018, Shalizi was included in the annual Forbes 30 under 30 list. Just four years into his career as a manager, Shalizi guided Marshmello to a career-best year--the masked DJ pulled in $23 million, No. 5 among all electronic acts.). Reference links: [280], [281], [282], [283], [284]
  • Amy Sacco: Hospitality entrepreneur and socialite who founded Lot 61, Bungalow 8, Bette, and No. 8. [794]
  • Michael Sliwinski: Entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Nozbe. Reference links: BTTDL123, Immigrant Entrepreneur, DEG Consulting
  • Sibrena Geraldino (Sports entrepreneur, publicist, football Club owner of New Jersey Teamsters FC. In 1996 she became an entrepreneur when she started Stowe Communications, Inc., a full service media firm that specifically dealt with media buys, later on adding publicity. Currently Sibrena is the co-founder and chief executive officer of NJ Teamsters FC and is a part of new docu-series I Quit, airing on the Discovery Channel). [285][286][287][288][289][290]
  • Samuele Mura - EnglishSardininian sports entrepreneur, blogger and football agent. Interviewed Chiellini, Gary Vaynerchuck, Manolo Gabbiadini, Francesco Facchinetti, Clemente Russo, Vincent Candela, Ronaldinho, Roberto Carlos.[291], [292], [293], [294], [295]
  • Robert Seiden: Robert W. Seiden is a former prosecutor, lawyer, global forensic investigator, court-appointed receiver and founder and President of Confidential Global Investigations (“CGI”) (formerly Confidential Security & Investigations)[[795]Big text. Robert was a Senior Prosecutor in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, New York City from 1988 to 1999, where he investigated and prosecuted cases of money laundering, fraud, embezzlement and other white collar and violent crimes.
  • Guy Saperstein: Pioneer civil rights attorney who all but invented the modern public interest class-action lawsuit. [796]
  • Sanjay Sathé president and CEO of RiseSmart <>, an independent operating company of Randstad Holding ( Sathé founded RiseSmart in 2007 after a layoff, and the company was acquired by Randstad in 2015. He previously worked for Sabre Holdings as the Vice President of Enterprise Data Management and Director of Marketing & Strategy. [797][798]
  • Steven R. Swartz: president and chief operating officer of Hearst Corporation; Swartz began his journalism career as a reporter with the Wall Street Journal in 1984 after graduating from Harvard. He served as an editor on the Journal's Page One staff from 1989 to 1991. [799]google
  • William R. Salomon (req. 2012-10-23) - investment banker; former head of Salomon Brothers (succeeded by John Gutfreund); [800]
  • Calline Sanchez - vice president, IBM Systems & Technology Group, Storage Systems Program Management; won Great Minds in stem Role Model of the week; went to Harvard Business School,University of Arizona, and University of Arizona, Eller College of Management; has a Masters; wife and mother; climbed IBM ladder through promotion.
  • Rudi Schmidleithner - CEO of Acer America Corporation
  • Marnie Schneider: Founder of Keep On Playing. Daughter of Susan T. Spencer, former manager of the Philadelphia Eagles. Granddaughter of Leonard Tose, owner of the Philadelphia Eagles and founder of the Ronald McDonald House.
  • Richard J. Schroth (born March 17, 1951) (req. 2009-08-13) - founder and CEO, Executive Insights, Ltd.; professional speaker ([296]); best-selling author, How Companies Lie; senior Fulbright Scholar in Information Sciences 2008–2013 ([297]); named as Top 25 Consultant in the World by Consulting Magazine 2008 ([298]); only single-practicing consultant to be named to Consulting Magazines Top 25 Consultants in the World; Executive In Residence, American University ([299]); first chief technology officer, Marriott Corporation; co-founder, Computer Sciences Corporation Vanguard; chief technology officer, Perot Systems
  • Brandon Sears - Brandon Sears is a businessman and software engineer. He is an Official Lens Creator on Snapchat and Social media personality with multiple large tiktoks, amassing over 2.4 million followers. (@memes_n_laughs). His company Scarlet Social is one of the top agencies for making 'social' Augmented Reality experiences and has worked with many large brands such as Atlantic Records, RCA, and more. His personal augmented reality effects have gained over 600 million views with his most notable ones being 'You Chicken Nugget' and 'RC Cybertruck' He often shares his insight into social media growth and augmented reality. He is one of the leading educators in Snapchat's Lens Studio on youtube- [801][802][803][804][805][806][807][808][809][810][811][812]
  • Robert Seelert - chairman, Saatchi and Saatchi; former CEO, General Foods; wrote business book Start with the Answer
  • John Sellers - (Oil & gas tycoon as Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Double Eagle Holdings. Since 2017, the holding company's subsidiaries have sold about $9.2 billion to partners. Born and raised in the Texas panhandle, he proceeded to attend Texas Tech University in Lubbock. Sellers just recently donated a $1 million scholarship endowment to the University under the name of his life-changing Economics professor, Rashid B. Al-Hmoud, to whom he attributes much of his success.) ([300][301][302][303][304][305])
  • Peter Jay Sharp - Lots of public buildings in New York City named after him.
  • Jasal Shah - CEO and Managing Director - Markelytics Solutions
  • Jake Shafer (Co-Founder & Vice President of P.W.I. Investment Group, Inc., Entrepreneur, Business Professional, Speaker. From Houston, Texas, Mr. Jake Shafer is nationally known for his charitable personal character and his international business ventures. Mr. Shafer was recognized from a local to national level for his charitable work for DeGeorge's Homeless Veteran's Shelter. These recognition's and awards were provided by The Alvin Sun, KPRC Local 2 News, ABC 13 Local News, The Facts Newspaper, Brazoria County, social media, internet articles, Boy Scouts of America, The American Legion, The Veterans of Foreign Wars, The City of Alvin, The Chapel of Four Chaplains, and NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams. Jake Shafer pursued the route of business and became an entrepreneur. He is a founder of P.W.I. Investment Group, Inc. (Pacific Winds International) and its subsidiaries. P.W.I. currently hold hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide; specifically in mines. Their assets include the world's largest silver mine in Mexico as well as China's second largest barite mine. Other than the mining industry, the company is involved in the oil & gas industry, the medical industry, the automotive industry, the real estate industry, the shipping industry, and dozens of others. The young entrepreneur currently does consulting, public speaking, commodity trading, and business proposal analysis along with the ventures P.W.I. is involved in. Recipient of The American Legion's Citation of Recognition, The Veteran's of Foreign Wars Citation of Recognition, The City of Alvin Certificate of Recognition, Brazoria County's Unsung Hero Award, and the Legion of Honor by the Chapel of Four Chaplains.) ([813][814][815][816][817][818][819][820][821][822][823][824][825][826][827][828][829])
  • Marc L. Shapiro - Amazon #1 Best Selling Co-Author of the book titled “Elite Business Leaders! An Introduction to Elite Business Leaders!” Press release can be found here Marc L. Shapiro is also the founder and owner of The Law Offices of Marc L. Shapiro, 720 Goodlette-Frank Road, Naples, Florida 34102 239-649-8050. Mr. Shapiro also advises and coaches businesses, entrepreneurs and real estate investors. Marc L. Shapiro, P.A. was one of only eight law Firms to be recognized as one of Southwest Florida’s Lawyers of Distinction by Gulfshore Magazine (2006).
  • Wayne Sharpe - Chairman & Founder of CTX[306] * Andrew Sherick - Director and Founder of Mr Sherick's Shakes
  • Frank X. Shaw - Head of Microsoft's public relations and a former U.S. Marine. [307][308]
  • Parag Shirnamé - Commissioner to India and South Asia for the Government of Queensland, Australia CTX[830]
  • Jules Shepard - Founder of Nearly Normal Cooking, LLC (dba: gfJules, a resource for the gluten free community. Author of 3 paperback books, 'Nearly Normal Cooking for Gluten Free Eating;' and 'The First Year: Celiac Disease and Living Gluten Free;' and 'Free For All Cooking: 150 Easy Gluten Free, Allergy-Friendly Recipes the Whole Family Can Enjoy.' Shepard is the Associate Editor of 'Gluten Free & More' magazine, speaks and teaches nationally, reports for health-food industry publications, moderates round-table discussions at food-industry national conventions, consults with businesses about production and contamination avoidance best-practices, certification, and distribution. Shepard's gluten free blog was voted 'Best Gluten Free Blog' by the gluten free community in 2016. Her 'Free For All Cooking' book was voted the #2 Gluten Free Cookbook by the gluten free community in 2016. Her gfJules flour was voted the #1 certified all purpose gluten free flour by the gluten free community in 2016. Her gfJules Bread Mix was voted the #1 Gluten Free Bread Mix by the gluten free community in 2016. In 2011, she formed the non-profit '' to bring together manufacturers, non-profits and lawmakers, with the signatures of 10,000 gluten free individuals to re-focus Congress to pass long-overdue food-labeling legislation at The Gluten Free Summit [831]. The Summit creators built an 11-foot-tall gluten free cake in Washington, DC as a forum to host the FDA's Michael Taylor and others to get the legislation back on schedule, which it did. Legislation was finally passed, in large part because of this galvanizing event, in 2014. [832], [833], [834], [835], [836], [837], [838], [839], [840], [841], [842], [843]
  • Abel A. Shuford - businessman and Civil War Veteran who founded the Shuford Mills company in North Carolina, which would later become Shurtape Technologies, LLC. He also contributed to the founding of many other businesses in the Catawba, Caldwell, and Burke counties, North Carolina. [844]
  • Luvleen Sidhu (Co-founder, President and Chief Strategy Officer of BankMobile (first all digital banking platform- Women in FinTech) [845][846][847][848]
  • James Siegal - Chief Executive Officer of KaBOOM!; former Chief of Staff of the Corporation for National and Community Service; [849]; [850]
  • Sonke Siegfriedsen - Aerodyn founder and managing director, Most influencing people in wind industry
  • Dr Shayne Silcox - SILCOX Shayne: PhD (Management & Marketing - UWA), Master Commerce (Curtin), Bachelor Business (HR & Law - Curtin), Grad Dip Management(Curtin University), Dip Automotive Engineering & Management (TAFE), FAICD, FAIM, FIAME, FLGMA; CEO, City of Melville, since 2008; Career. CEO City of Belmont 2004-08, CEO City of Nedlands 2000-04, Director Commercial Services 1997-2000; Manager. Organisational Development Western Power Corp. 1995-97, Manager Business Processes and Human Resources 1994-95 WPC, Engineering Services Head Business Development & Management Systems 1989-94 WPC, SECWA 1977-89 incl.:Superintendent Operations, Supervisor Mechanical Workshops, Coordinator Customer Relations, Alternative Fuels Tech, Mechanic; Major Motors Holdings 1972-76 services Adv./mechanic/Apprentice; various positions; International Business Excellence Evaluator; Lecturer Organisational Development Curtin University; D/Chairman Disability Services Commission Board 2006-2012; Chairman DSC Audit & Risk Com 2007-2012; Chairman DSC Policy Com 2007-2012; former State President Local Government Managers Australia Board; Disability Ambassador; Director Local Government Advisory Board; former Cr AIM; Honorable Life Member Curtin University Alumni; Chair CEO Advisory Committee South West Group; former Secretary Faulkner Park Retirement Estate Board; former Treasurer Perth Airport Municipal Committee; former Member Public Sector Management Board; former Chairman Western Regional Organisation councils Board; former Member Exec Sub-Committee Cultural Change Western Power Corporation; recipient Australian Honours - Public Service Medal (PSM); Nominated WA Citizen of the year 2011; recipient Environmental Award 2010; recipient Customer Service CEO of Year 2009 & 2012; recipient Local Government Honours for Commitment and Eminent Service WALGA 2006; Nominated Australian of Year 2004; Australian Business Excellence Medal ABEF 2004; Leadership Award in Local Government Alcoa 2003; recipient Order of Merit AICD 2001; recipient Curtin Alumni Medal for Academic Excellence and Community Leadership Curtin University Tech. 1994; awarded Human Resource Institute Prize 1991; recipient Automotive Test and Design Award CCI 1976.
  • Barry Silbert - Founder of NASDAQ Private Market (formerly SecondMarket) and Digital Currency Group.
  • Boris Silver President FundersClub, Inc. - First online venture capital firm where private investors gain access to high-growth startups. [627][628][629][630][631][632][633][634][635][636][637][638][639][640][641][642][643][644][645][646][647][648][649][650][310][311][312][313][314][315][316][317][318][319][320][321][322][323][324]
  • Steven K. Skinner - Steven K. Skinner - CEO, KemperSports [851][852][853][854]
  • Mike Smerklo (businessperson) - Mike Smerklo - former Chairman and CEO of ServiceSource International [855] [http[856][857][858][859][860][860][861][862]
  • Brian Scott Smith - Service Disabled Veteran and Founder/CEO of Fighter International, LLC; visionary of the 'Fighter Entrepreneurial Initiative'; executive director at award-winning iStart Jax, Inc.
  • Steven Smith (businessperson) - Steven Smith - founder of Stash, Tazo, and Steven Smith Teamakers; [863][864]
  • John W. Somerhalder II - Chairman, CEO, President of AGL Resources[865][866][867][868][869][870] Chairman of the board of directors for the Atlanta Beltline Project [871]
  • Jeff Sotzing - president, Carson Entertainment Group; former producer, Tonight Show with Johnny Carson
  • Isaac Specter - product, OutboundEngine
  • Leah Squire - CEO and founder of the award-winning, multimillion dollar business 'BYOkids' and author of 'Marketing With No Money.'
  • Dr. Frank Stanton - Needs a simple REDIRECT to Frank Stanton (executive)
  • Billy Starr - founder, Pan-Massachusetts Challenge (, the first US bike-a-thon which raises money for cancer research via the Jimmy Fund at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute; over 31 years, has raised $303 million
  • Reva Steenbergen - web design and vevelopment executive, entrepreneur, site design visionary, company site rich with information; [325]
  • Mark Steiger (Mark Steiger has worked for several (PEO)’s or Professional Employer Organization and has recently gained notoriety by spearheading an industry being touted as the future of business by many different organizations such as NAPEO. Mark obtained vast business development and operations experience in both national, regional and niche professional employer organizations, and has worked closely with other ASO and GPO companies. Mark created Workforce Management Agency as he witnessed first hand how time consuming and difficult it is for a business owner or C-Level executive to go through the process of deciding on which vendor company to use for Payroll Administration, Employee Benefits, Risk Management, and Human Resources. He realized businesses need better support in making these decisions. Thus Workforce Management Agency was created. 'For example: A PEO is a service provider, which helps business in many ways…so let them work hard to accomplish the tasks you hire them for and let Workforce Management Agency help you find the right one and negotiate a better deal. We’ll help you shop the entire Marketplace of PEO’s saving you time and helping you to negotiate a better deal! Our CEO, Mark Steiger takes the utmost pride in the reputation and impact of the performance output accomplishments at Workforce Management Agency. We strive to earn your trust and respect. Workforce Management Agency is a general agency pioneering the industry of business process outsourcing services procurement. We maintain that our business goals are to operate at the highest level of integrity in providing our services as we find innovative ways of helping businesses advance. Proving our value as we build our brand within our relationships between our vendors, alliance partners and most importantly our clientele.') (,
  • Daniel J. Sullivan Built Texas largest oil production Ranch and at the time the largest Cattle operation in the world. The ranch The Mariposa Ranch is located in Falfurrias, TX and is still owned by his wife and 3 children. He is very prominent in Texas. Was friends with the Hunt Family, leant money to Sid W Richardson after he had financial trouble in the wake of the great depression. He died in 1992, leaving the 350,000 acre Ranch and Eagle Ford Shale occupied lands to his Wife- Ruth Eilene Sullivan who remains a prominent philanthropist distributing millions a year to Texas and San Antonio charities including the Daniel J Sullivan carriage house while paying the price for its renovation. They have 3 adult children, the eldest which oversees the ranch.
  • Greg Steltenpohl - co-founder, Odwalla and Adina World Beat Beverages
  • Greg Stemm - co-founder, Odyssey Marine Exploration
  • Michael James Swan - Managing Director of Corporate Internet Solutions (, and Business Administrator of Juggle It All (; [872]; [326][327]
  • Kent Speakman - technology and entertainment producer, [873] [] Speakman Entertainment
  • Sanjay Ghodawat - Pioneer of Sanjay Ghodawat Group, from Ichalkaranji - District Kolhapur of Maharashtra State in India
  • Spirit de la MareEditor-In-Chief at Brogue Magazine, head of Brogue Industries and art collective.
  • Wil Stephens - founder of [Cube Interactive] and Fusebox Games
  • Martha Stokes - Martha Stokes, CMT is the Co-Founder and CEO of TechniTrader®, an educational firm dedicated to helping retail traders and independent investors.
  • Suresh Kumar (CIO) - Chief information officer of Bank of New York Mellon & CEO of iNautix Technologies India - [874], [875] & [876] & [877]
  • S. N. Subrahmanyan - S N Subrahmanyan is Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of L&T - [878][879][880]
  • Raj Subramaniam - Rajesh (Raj) Subramaniam is the President and COO of FedEx - [881]
  • Horace Sudduth (1888–1957) was a prominent African American businessman in Cincinnati. He owned a real estate business, started a bank, and built a hotel in a time when racial segregation was still in effect in the United States. He was elected president of the National Negro Business League for at least seven terms.[882][883][884]
  • Emily 'Emiko' Sano (Former Senior Advisor for Asian Art and current Co-Interim Director at San Antonio Museum of Art; formerly worked at Dallas Museum of Art; Kimbell Art Museum; former director at Asian Art Museum at San Francisco [328]; recipient of Order of the Rising Sun, Golden Rays, and Neck Ribbon 2008 [Order of the Rising Sun Wikipedia Page - 3rd class][329]; childhood - daughter of sharecropper, grew up in Japanese internment camp [330]; relocated murals by Gottardo Piazzoni of 1997-1999 debates from Asian Art museum to de Young Museum [331][332])


  • Thomas G. Tsao - Founding Partner of Gobi Partners,[885] Founder of the Beijing Technology Development Fund[886]Coined the term TaqwaTech[887]
  • Scott Tannen - Founder & CEO of Boll & Branch,[888] Founder and former President of Funtank and Candystand which was sold to Publishers Clearing House in 2010 [889]
  • Bill Taylor - Bill Taylor is a London, Ontario native with a notably successful career in the automotive industry that spanned 38 years. Following his retirement, Taylor accepted a new role as President of the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama on July 1, 2009. Prior to joining EDPA, he was President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz U.S. International, located in central Alabama. Taylor joined MBUSI in 1993, when the company first opened in the state. He played an essential role in the start-up of the new plant, driving production for five years and eventually becoming president of the company in 1999. Taylor was also instrumental in the establishment of the Mercedes Production System, which is now a global standard for all Mercedes-Benz plants in achieving only the highest levels of quality and efficiency. Taylor oversaw the plant’s $600-million expansion, which was completed at the end of 2004, as well as the beginning of a $300-million expansion underway to prepare for successor models. The plant employs more than 3,000 Team Members – significantly more than the 1,500 originally planned back in 1993. As president of one of the best-known companies in the state, Taylor was often called on to meet with prospective companies considering Alabama for new facilities. He also worked with communities and regions across the state, offering input and advice on economic development efforts. Prior to becoming president of the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama, Taylor did his time in the 'trenches', serving on the EDPA Board of Directors from 2000 to 2009 and was actively involved in Alabama’s economic development efforts through participation in a number of state and local initiatives concerning workforce development, community growth and retention and expansion methods in regards to existing industry.
  • Vadim Telyatnikov - Pennsylvania entrepreneur. Founder and CEO of LiftDNA, sold to OpenX in 2012.[890]
  • Richard K. Templeton - CEO of Texas Instruments
  • Anthony Thomson - Entrepreneur and author, founder of Metro Bank (UK), Atom Bank and chairman of 86 400[891][892][893]
  • David Tesler - Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of GoForge
  • David W. Thompson - Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech); retired President and CEO of Orbital ATK Inc. and co-founder of Orbital Sciences Corporation
  • Fred Marshall Thurber Fred Marshall Thurber, (born April 3, 1943; in Rutland, Vermont), is an American attorney[894], entrepreneur, real estate investor, Inspirational speaker and teacher. He is the father of Rawson Marshall Thurber. Thurber is best known for his personal growth and development seminars, including Money & You® [895]. Noted graduates of his courses and students of his work include motivational speaker/author Anthony Robbins (Awaken The Giant Within), authors Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul series), Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad), Spencer Johnson (Who Moved My Cheese), Ben & Jerry’s co-founder Ben Cohen, Paul Mitchell Systems cofounder John Paul DeJoria, Aveda Corporation founder Horst Rechelbacher. According to Chicken Soup for the Soul co-author Jack Canfield, “One of the most powerful trainings I ever took was called Money & You®, created by Marshall Thurber.” [896] Thurber was co-founder (with Bobbi DePorter) of The Burklyn Business School and created The Accounting Game[897] (granted a US Patent). Thurber is also the father of popular film director/producer/screenwriter/actor Rawson Marshall Thurber (Dodgeball, We’re The Millers, Central Intelligence). As a lawyer Thurber’s clients included Ben & Jerry’s and the Black Panther Party. Thurber is often thought to be the “Rich Rad” in former student Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad[898] book series although he denies this. Thurber earned his BS undergraduate degree from Union College in 1961 and his law degree from Hastings College of Law, University of California. He was a founding partner of the Fisher Thurber law firm in La Jolla, California, specializing in business management practices. Thurber spent the early part of his law career defending conscientious objectors of Vietnam. While he did not technically win any cases, none of the cases he took continued to trial, resulting in none of the defendants he represented being prosecuted. In the 1970’s Thurber, along with two partners, founded the real estate firm Hawthorne & Stone in San Francisco, CA. He was the first real estate entrepreneur to buy and restore distressed Victorian Houses in Alamo Square, San Francisco, now known as the Painted Ladies. Upon the financial success of his real estate company, Thurber was able to procure a seat on the Chicago Board of Exchange. In the early 1980’s he invested and lost over $7 million dollars utilizing a principle from the butterfly effect. In 1978, Marshall Thurber and Bobbi DePorter founded The Burklyn Business School, a progressive conference and retreat center to positively influence global convergence through enhanced consciousness and transformation. The original Burklyn was a 1500 hundred-acre estate in Vermont (half of the Burklyn campus property was located in the town of Burke and the other half in the Lyndon township; hence the name Burklyn). It was designed to be a place to quiet the mind and ignite the soul, and teach both the global principles of cooperation Thurber learned from R. Buckminster Fuller and the contextual principles of the human potential movement. These had been demonstrated and proven in his own businesses. Thurber shared his business theories and methods with a variety of other successful organizations. Today, thousands of people worldwide use “Thurber Techniques” in their daily lives. Burklyn attracted many entrepreneurs, business owners and individuals from around the world. The school welcomed distinguished visiting scholars, the most famous being the celebrated futurist, inventor and philosopher R. Buckminster Fuller, who called Thurber “An evolutionary event in our time”[899] during one of the classes he taught at Burklyn. While the original Burklyn School closed in the early 1980’s, its mission continues today in the ongoing live and online training lead by Thurber and his colleagues.[900] Thurber developed and pioneered experiential learning and accelerated learning techniques and courses integrating them using his own theories and those of other educators such as R. Buckminster Fuller, W. Edwards Deming, Ilya Prigogine, Dr. Georgi Lozanov and other sources. In addition to Fuller and Deming, Thurber incorporates the theories of three Nobel Laureates: Roger Sperry for his split-brain research, Hans Selye for his breakthrough in the relationship of stress and learning, and Ilya Prigogine for his theory of dissipative structures. Thurber’s learning experiences deploy Roger Sperry’s seminal work in blending both the left and right hemispheres of the brain, a process resulting in hemisphere synchronization. These simulations activate both sides of the brain, which often creates stress (Selye) and perturbation (Prigogine). The intended outcome is to create a breakthrough in each student’s life-view, one that is more aligned with reality and thus more predictable. Like someone who turns on a light in a dark room, Thurber’s lessons are designed to extract the good coming from what is often perceived of as bad stress. The student experiences how to differentiate “stress” on a “meta” level.
  • Jennifer Taubert - is Executive Vice President, Worldwide Chairman, Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson ,involved in presidential tweetstorm in 2016 elections, ,
  • George C. Tilyou Namesake of Asbury Park, NJ icon Tillie, inventor, also named in many articles. [901]
  • Gary Toomey - Former CEO of Ansett Airways, former Chief Financial Officer of Qantas
  • Damian Turco - Attorney; Owner and Founder of Turco Legal Selected as secretary of the Massachusetts Bar Association. [902][903]
  • Keith Turley - (req 2007-05-13) - president of Arizona Public Service, member of Phoenix 40, responsible for the placement of Palo Verde Nuclear Plant
  • Bernard J. Tyson - CEO & Chairman of Kaiser Permanente
  • Trisheeta Tej (Created an article. Other editors contributed but was moved to drafts Draft:Trisheeta Tej since they suspected WP:PAID. Someone may please clean and move back since the subject is notable with all reliable sources)



  • Vishwa Shehan Malinda (Vishwa Shehan Malinda is Sri Lankan professional, Currently he is working at the Sri Lanka's Premium Online Gift Store as Accountant.) (Linkedin ( (Facebook (
  • David Venter is an entrepreneur and digital artist from South Africa. He founded his first company at the age of 18, later forming his own record label where he produced and released electronic music and created his own merchandise and clothing label.

[Who is David Venter? [333]][First Company [334]][Apple Music (verified) [335]][Spotify (verified) [336]][YouTube (verified) [337]][Vero (verified) [338]][Facebook [339]][Instagram [340]][Twitter [341]][Merchandise [342]][Clothing Label [343]][LinkedIN [344]

  • Luke M. Vaillancourt (VP of Vaillancourt Folk Art, publisher of Mass Foodies, Small business entrepreneur.) ([345][904][905][906][907][908][909][910][911][912][913])
  • Dirk Van Den Berghe - CEO of Walmart Canada
  • Alysha Del Valle - KABC-TV meteorologist.
  • Norman B. Vansile - President Trannon Corp.; Detroit Philanthropist
  • Renee van Staveren - Founder & CEO of The Global Grid
  • Goran Varaklic - Founder & CEO of MDG Computers
  • David Vaskevitch is #38 on the list of most influential ultra-high-net-worth individuals, and a former Microsoft CTO. Can you believe he doesn't have a Wikipedia page?!
  • Victoria L. Vasques - (President and CEO of Tribal Tech LLC An American Indian 8(a) and 8(m) certified woman-owned small business.)<>
  • Dilip Vellodi - CEO and Chairman, Sutherland Gobal Services
  • Edwin J. Venner - (req. 2012-04-01) - Founded Venners in 1896 ( Came from a brewing family which owned Forest Hill Brewery in London and approximately 80 pubs between London and Brighton. A qualified chartered accountant who developed a specialised stocktaking system. He assisted and advised the government regarding alcohol and the defence of the Realm Act 1914 and was knighted in recognition of his service to the licensed trade in 1951. The Business of Adding Value, Published by Christie Group 2004
  • Kal Vepuri - Founder & Chairman of The Trisiras Group
  • Lew Veraldi (Former Ford vice president who led the team that produced the first Taurus in 1986)
  • Edward and Lynn Via - Roanoke, VA owner of printing and publishing interests (formerly owned Claypool Comics), gives substantial sums to various political campaigns including $150,000 to VA Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell as top individual donor to the campaign.
  • Patrick Viguerie - McKinsey director, author of several articles and a book.
  • Idar Vollvik - Founder of Idar Vollvik Invest AS; serial entrepreneur that made Euro 100 million in 2004 when he sold Chess Communication to TeleSoniera
  • Urvesh Vasani 21 year old entrepreneur, started at 13. Among the top 100 Most Powerful Young Entrepreneurs Under 25, currently CEO of a social video platform for shoppers and formerly of Six Inch Nails Group
  • Craig Gordon Venter- is an entrepreneur who has twenty-seven years’ experience in senior management positions at Altron. He was the CEO of Altron Telecommunications, Multi-media and Information Technology supplying value-added products, systems and solutions to local and international growth markets. It is the largest, privately owned converged solutions provider on the African continent with an annual turnover of R19,4 billion and with more than 8000 employees in more than 20 countries. He is the son of Bill Venter and brother of Robert Eben 'Robbie' Venter. In 2016 he started Clickabet, a sports betting company of which he is the CEO. He has earned a number of achievements, has a strong educational history through the University of California. His father is one of the richest men in South Africa, as is he. [914][915][916][917][918][919][920][921]
  • Anko van der Werff, Dutch airline manager, current CEO of Avianca Holdings since June 2019[922]


  • Charles Sumner Ward (1859 - 1929) - (Founder of professional fundraising) ( ( (
  • Jeff Wald - President and Co-founder of WorkMarket
  • Richard Walker (businessman) - Richard Walker is the Managing Director Iceland Foods, a British supermarket chain. He is the son Sir Malcolm Walker, the supermarket’s founder and Executive Chairman.[923][924] Richard is a Trustee of the Iceland Foods Charitable Foundation[925] and the conservation group Fauna & Flora International.[926] He also sits on DEFRA’s Council for Sustainable Business.[927]
  • John Walsh - Owner and CEO of Total Mortgage Services, headquartered in Milford, Connecticut. Third party mentions: [928][929][930][931][932][933][934][935][936]
Rich Dad's Advisors&#174;: Who Took My Money? PDF Free Download
  • Keran Wicks - Owner and CEO of The Network Group, an Australian company with interests in the Australian and New Zealand home entertainment industries, among others. [937]
  • Heather Wilde (CTO) - Award-Winning *female* CTO of ROCeteer (and other companies), 8th employee of Evernote, developer of Chron_X. Author for Inc Magazine and 'Birth of a Unicorn: Six Basic Steps to Success'. Two-time contestant on College Jeopardy, Online edition. Founder of Serenze Global nonprofit. Chair of University_of_Nevada,_Las_Vegas Engineering Advisory Board.


  • Leighton A. Wilkie Founder of DoALL Sawing Products, Inventor of the Metal Cutting Bandsaw, Founder of the Wilkie Brothers Foundation. Author 'Your Life in the Machine World' and 'The Dawn of This Age: The Doall Company Educational Exhibits'. Leighton Sponsored educational exhibits in museums, including a 'Civilization Through Tools' display and the Julius C. Wilkie Steamboat Museum in Winona, named after his father and featuring Robert Fulton documents and steam-driven equipment and plants.


  • The Hon. Guthrie Williamson Director of Balfour, Williamson & Co. Limited[957][958][959][960][961]
  • E. Mandell de Windt - CEO of Eaton Corporation for 17 years; graduate of Williams College[962]
  • Thatcher Wine - CEO and founder of Juniper Books, invented and holds patent for: 'Dynamic application of a design across multiple product packages', himself and company featured in publications including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Departures, and New York magazine. Company featured in Oprah's Favorite Things on two occasions. Co-author of 'For the Love of Books' and one other TBA book coming Fall 2021. [963][964]

Rich Dad Column

  • James Wise - Real Estate Investor, Broker, Sales Trainer, Writer, and Owner of The Holton-Wise Property Group, headquartered in the Cleveland, Ohio area. [346][965][966][967][968][969][970]'issue_id':297086,'page':16}
  • Steven Wolfe-Pereira - CMO of Neustar, previously Vice President of Brand Strategy & Marketing Solutions at the Oracle Data Cloud (ODC), by way of Oracle's acquisition of Datalogix, where he served as Chief Marketing Officer. Mr. Wolfe Pereira serves on the board of directors of the Ad Council and the Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF). An advisor to startups and technology companies, he serves as a Board Advisor to Barnraiser, Chegg (NYSE: CHGG) and Encantos Media Studios PBC. A Dominican-American, Mr. Wolfe Pereira lives in San Francisco, CA with his wife and son. He has more than 20 years of industry experience, including working at MediaVest with Coca-Cola Co., Kraft Foods, Procter & Gamble Co. and Microsoft. He's also worked at Univision and Akamai Technologies. Requested Thursday, September 8, 2016 10:37 am PDT. Third-party mentions: [347][971][972][973][974][975][976][977][978][979]
  • Lawrence Joseph 'Happy Joe' Whitty - Founder of Happy Joes' Pizza and Icecream Parlor.


  • Changjun Xie - Longyuan president (Gaudian / United Power), Most influencing people in wind industry '


  • Eric Yaverbaum - Best Selling Author of 'PR For Dummies' and 'Leadership Secrets of the World's Most Successful CEO'S' and PR Agency Owner (Ericho Communications)
  • Chee Siew Yaw - Founder Otto Marine Pte Ltd and also owns Sihayo Gold. Chairs Perdana Parkcity, a Kuala Lumpur condo developer that is part of logging group Samling, owned by his father, Yaw Teck Seng, and brother Chee Ming, both among Malaysia's richest.
  • Oleg Yefimov - Founder and CEO of Dissident Ltd
  • Peter Yip - Executive Chairman of the Board and CEO, CDC Software. founder of Yipkon Business Systems. Sold to MCI Worldcom in 1987. [980][981][982]
  • Yu Yongda - eminent Chinese economist based at Tsinghua University, advisor to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, head of the State Council's leadership oversight committee
  • Jacob York - American entrepreneur, marketing executive, event promoter, music producer, film producer and talent manager. He is best known for his career as a music industry executive and co-founder of Undeas Entertainment along with music industry mogul, Lance 'Un' Rivera and the late Rap legend Biggie Smalls.[983] Jacob is the founder and President of Electric Republic and Jacob York Presents. [984][985][986] He was the former CEO of Big Cat Records where is helped launched the careers of several big name musical acts including Gucci Mane. Jacob, along with his media company Electric Republic, executive produced the film Brotherly Love in 2015.[987] Electric Republic also manages talent such as Wilhelmina Model/Actress/Host Karrueche Tran,[988][989]


Rich Dad' S Advisors& #174 : Who Took My Money Pdf Free Download Pc

  • Joseph Zada - US businessman currently being sued by Sergei Fedorov and others regarding failure to pay back money invested to him ($60 million US dollars). Zada claims the money was a loan and repayment has been delayed due to 'a sad time in our economy' [990]
  • Ron Zarella - An executive of General Motors
  • Sylvain Zimmer - Founder of Jamendo
  • Jordan Zietz - An American entrepreneur and businessman, founder and CEO of eSports and gaming organization All-Star eSports League, LLC. He was a finalist for the 2015 Saunders Scholars Competition and started his first company at the age of thirteen. His current company, All-Star eSports League, has received a seven-figure valuation.[991][992][993][994][995][996][997][998]
  • Arvind Saxena - Director at Hyundai Motor India Limited
  • Christopher Zug - American Steel mogul in Pittsburgh mid-1800s. see e.g.
  • Klaas Zwart - Dutch businessman and racing driver; founded Petroline 1980;[999] holder of 9 US patents; owner Ascari Cars


Rich Dad Poor Dad Pdf Download Free

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