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  1. The 21st Century Economy—A Beginner Theory
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26.1 Answering questions with data

Matthew J. Crump


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This is a free textbook teaching introductory statistics forundergraduates in Psychology. This textbook is part of a larger OERcourse package for teaching undergraduate statistics in Psychology,including this textbook, a lab manual, and a course website.


The 21st Century Economy—A Beginner Theory

Looks like a comprehensive stats resource!

The 20th Century

26.2 Bayes rules!

  • Alicia A. Johnson, Miles Ott, MineDogucu

The 21st Century Economy—A Beginner Model

The primary goal of Bayes Rules! is to make modern Bayesian thinking,modeling, and computing accessible to a broad audience. Bayes Rules!empowers readers to weave Bayesian approaches into an everyday modernpractice of statistics and data science.
The overall spirit is very applied: the book utilizes modern computingresources and a reproducible pipeline; the discussion emphasizesconceptual understanding; the material is motivated by>