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  • What follows are ten small joys (i.e. The little benefits) I’ve found in early retirement. I hope they will encourage you that retirement is even better than you might imagine. When you work, days are often full of hustle and bustle. Activity is high and it’s go-go-go. This certainly characterized my 28-year career as a.
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This retirement book by Ernie Zelinski is different from most others in that it does NOT focus on how to save the ungodly amount of money you will need to live a life of leisure for potentially 30+ years. Instead, it focuses on what you will do with your time for those 30+ years. And that's exactly why I bought it because there are hundreds of books that deal with the money and very few that deal with the big question that we all must one day ask and answer: What the heck am I gonna do all day when I'm no longer working?
I read this book about six weeks into my retirement, and while there are a few inspiring ideas, most of it is just a litany on the importance of finding a passion in life so you don't spend your retirement watching TV. (Duh.) And it's reiterated in umpteen different ways, making the redundancy rather boring. Zelinski cites numerous studies throughout the book to prove his various points but is extraordinarily vague on the sourcing, so one wonders about their legitimacy. A more careful, responsible and ethical author would have footnoted each of them with specific citations.
In addition, he liberally sprinkles into the text fan letters he has received from readers of previous books he has written. Sometimes it felt like I was reading an ad for his oeuvre. But I slogged through it to the end--only to be rewarded with even more fan mail.
I am being generous in giving it three stars, rather than two. There is some good advice in the book, but you have to wade through a lot of other stuff to find it. If you have no friends, interests, hobbies or activities you now do outside of work, then this book may offer some insight as to how to spend your newfound free time during retirement. But if you already have a life, so to speak, outside the office, don't waste your money on this book.
P.S. The author brags that he failed college English 101 three times and yet has still managed to write many books. I assume he passed on the fourth try, but he should have paid closer attention. There are enough blatant grammatical and punctuation errors throughout the book to make this English major wince—a lot. Where was his editor? Where was his old textbook from English 101?

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A friend of mine followed that suggestion and decided that retirement at age 65 was more realistic than leaving at 61 as she had hoped to do. Many Boomers are retiring with debt and then get a shock to the system when they have to deal with that debt on a reduced, fixed income. In Ontario, 30% of bankruptcies are seniors and those approaching.