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In this post, we are here with free to download BA books & notes in pdf format. It includes ebooks for BA Hindi, English, History, Political science, Economics, Sociology, etc.

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We have also listed some of the best hardcover books (for each subject) that you can either buy online or from your nearest store.

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In our previous post, we have discussed books & notes for BSc & BCom students.

Before we begin, let’s have a quick introduction about BA (Bachelors in Arts) & the list of subjects.

This post might be a little longer for you to read, so I suggest using the below table of contents.

  1. BA Syllabus

BA (Bachelors in Arts)

The Story of Economics PDF Free Download 64 bit

BA stands for Bachelors in Arts. It is a 2-3 year degree program that you can pursue after completing your 10+2.

You need to have at least 40% in your class 12th for getting admission in BA.

Each year is divided into two semesters.

You can also apply for various government jobs for 10+2 students while pursuing your bachelor’s in arts.

Here is the list of some of the top subjects in BA:

  1. English Literature
  2. Hindi
  3. History
  4. Geography
  5. Mathematics
  6. Political Science
  7. Psychology
  8. Sociology
  9. Economics
  10. Sanskrit

BA Syllabus

The complete syllabus for each of the above subjects for all the three years is discussed below. After this section, we have provided BA books & notes in pdf format that you can easily download for free.

01. BA English

In the bachelor’s of arts, you will get to study novels, poetry & plays/dramas of Shakespeare.

Along with that, it also covers communication skills, writing & study skills.

BA 1st Year English Syllabus

BA 2nd Year English Syllabus

BA 3rd Year English Syllabus

02. BA Hindi

BA with Hindi comprises subjects like writing skills, communication skills & history of the Hindi language.

A candidate is only eligible for BA with Hindi, if he/she has studied hindi in 10+2.

Honours subjects also include Indian society, history of hindi language & historical poems.

BA 1st Year Hindi Syllabus

BA 2nd Year Hindi Syllabus

BA 3rd Year Hindi Syllabus

03. BA History

BA with history is another interesting course. In this course you will learn subjects like the early & medieval history period.

Indian Society & Gender Sensitization are other few topics that have been covered completely in the syllabus of BA History.

BA 1st Year History Syllabus

The Story Of Economics PDF Free Download

BA 2nd Year History Syllabus

BA 3rd Year History Syllabus

04. BA Political Science

Indian polity is one of the most interesting subjects that you can study after 10+2.

In BA, it covers political theory, democracy, constitutional government & political process in India.

BA 1st Year PS Syllabus

BA 2nd Year PS Syllabus

BA 3rd Year PS Syllabus

05. BA Economics

Economics is defined as the study of wealth & money. It involves financial education.

Being financially educated is important because it helps you make good decisions regarding money & its management.

BA 1st Year EconomicsSyllabus

BA 2nd Year Economics Syllabus

BA 3rd Year Economics Syllabus

06. BA Psychology

Psychology refers to the study of the mind. In BA, you will get to learn social & general psychology.

It further includes perception, motivation, personality, intelligence & other such interesting topics.

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BA 1st Year PsychologySyllabus

BA 2nd Year Psychology Syllabus

BA 3rd Year Psychology Syllabus

07. BA Sociology

Sociology deals with social behavior & how to live within a society. You will learn a lot about Indian society in this undergraduate course.

Some important topics like social structures, society & religion constitutes the syllabus. These subjects make it another interesting course in Bachelors of Arts.

BA 1st Year SociologySyllabus

BA 2nd Year Sociology Syllabus

BA 3rd Year Sociology Syllabus

BA Books & Notes: Free Download PDF

Click on the below links to download BA Books & notes for free in pdf format.

Please note that the books provided below are not owned by us. We have used free resources available on the Internet so as to help students. Also, we have not uploaded the study material directly, instead we have linked to them.



1. What are the subjects in BA?

Bachelor’s in Arts can be done with any of the following subjects: Hindi, English, Mathematics, History, Geography, Political Science, Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Sanskrit, etc.

2. Is BA a good course for becoming an IAS Officer?

Free download pdf

Yes, it is so because most of the syllabus of UPSC exams gets covered during BA.

3. From where can I download the syllabus of BA?

Free Download Pdf

The syllabus of BA varies from university to university. However, you can find the complete syllabus by visiting the official website of your university/college.


In this post, we have tried our best to provide BA books for major subjects. However, notes are not yet available.

We will update this post with BA notes as soon as they are available. Meanwhile you can use these books.

Do you have study material related to BA? Click on the below link & submit your study material- & we will feature you on our blog post.

The Story Of Economics PDF Free Download 64 Bit

You can post syllabus, important questions, notes, books, etc in pdf format. Make sure that whatever you provide will be properly formatted.

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The Story Of Economics Pdf Free Download 2019

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