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Author: James MacGregor Burns
Publisher: Open Road + Grove/Atlantic
Release Date: 01 December 2007
ISBN: 9781555846169
Pages: 336 pages
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Transforming leadership, as opposed to the transactional leadership, forms the foundation of recent study on leadership. It focuses on the more personal side of organizational interactions. Words such as vision, culture, values, development, teamwork, and service make sense in the world of transforming leadership. Burns describes transforming. Management theories of leadership: these theories are concerned primarily with organizational or group performance. This type of theory (transactional leadership, transformational leadership, democratic leadership, LMX, the Four Is, path-goal, etc.) tends to dominate leadership thought, and discussions of 'different'.

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In Transforming Leadership, Burns illuminates the evolution of leadership structures, from the chieftains of tribal African societies, through Europe's absolute monarchies, to the blossoming of the Enlightenment's ideals of liberty and happiness during the American Revolution. Along the way he looks at key breakthroughs in leadership and the towering leaders who attempted to transform their worlds—Elizabeth I, Washington, Jefferson, Gandhi, Eleanor Roosevelt, Gorbachev, and others. Culminating in a bold and innovative plan to address the greatest global leadership challenge of the twenty-first century, the long-intractable problem of global poverty, Transforming Leadership will arouse discussion and controversy in classrooms and boardrooms throughout the country.

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In this 23-page ebook, uncover the concept of 'Transformational Leadership' in depth and how to apply it in today's economy. This is a perfect read for the leaders of today, with specific real-life examples of successful leaders and a guiding framework to help you become a better transformational leader.

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  • What is Transformational Leadership
  • Implications for leaders
  • Role models of transformational leaders
  • How mind changes and process of persuasion
  • Globalization and the new leadership