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Apr 01, 2012 Worth Every Penny book. Read 37 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. There’s a radically different way to run a small business, one in.

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Worth Every Penny PDF Free Download
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Preview — Worth Every Penny by Sarah Petty

There’s a radically different way to run a small business, one in which the owners focus on offering specialized products and over-the-top customer service—not on matching the prices of their competition. Worth Every Penny encourages business owners to use a different business model, one that is designed to maximize their advantages over the big-box stores and other discou...more
Published April 24th 2012 by Greenleaf Book Group Press (first published April 1st 2012)
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Jun 05, 2012Janette Fuller rated it it was amazing
The first thing I learned from this book is that being a 'boutique' business is not about what you sell. Instead, 'being boutique' is about how you operate...its' a model of doing business, a filter for your business decisions, and a mind-set that makes your customers say you were worth every penny.
The authors of this book believe you can beat your competition by catering to the niches, not to the masses. Businesses that compete on price can't invade your territory. When you're a boutique busine
May 07, 2012Lynn rated it really liked it
Sarah Petty has been well known in the photography industry for several years now for her educational offerings that cater to the business side of the photography. In recent years, she's widened the circle and has tried to make her educational offerings more accessible to small business owners in non-photography industries.
In a time when it seems like every photographer is selling an action set, or some silly new e-book, the refreshing thing about Sarah is that she actually knows her stuff. Phot
This was an interesting read because it's in my normal range of books. This year I've been trying to focus on my writing career and how to turn that into something that will allow me to work from home and eventually start a family. So I was hoping that this book would help give me some hints on how to do that.
At 180 pages I found this book easy to read not only because it was so short, but because it's formatted in a way to help you read it and not get bogged down by all these new ideas. And I
Excellent and quick read. Sometimes business and leadership books take 10-pages worth of material and spin it into a 200 page book. This isn’t one of those books. The authors not only made a compelling case for the boutique model, they offered concrete, actionable steps folks can take. I do t own a business, but I’m a service provider in the aviation industry that has learned a few of the same lessons. Consistently exceeding customer expectations is equally hard and rewarding...and so key to the...more
I used this book as the basis for a business book group and it was a great choice for a lively discussion on creating a boutique business. The author's Sarah Petty and Erin Verbeck describe a different way to run a small business, with a focus on excellent customer service and charging what your specialized services are worth. They are adamantly against discounting, Groupon style coupon sales and lowering your prices to compete with your competition. Excellent examples from the authors and other...more
Jul 03, 2018Maggie rated it really liked it
As a small business owner this book resonated with me. When it comes to pricing your work- don’t sell yourself short! Price according to your effort and your skills-especially if you’re offering a product that is unique. I’ve passed this book on to many friends including my daughter who has a photography business herself. Love this little gem of a book!
This book contains some good information about differentiating yourself and becoming a boutique business. However, after reading it I felt like I always do when it comes to Sarah Petty... like she always holds back.
As I prepare to open a boutique business, this helped me clarify some ideas about marketing and the customers that I am looking for. I would love to see a book like this with a few more ideas for someone who isn't selling a product, but a service. Still, very helpful, overall....more
Helpful information for small 'boutique' businesses....more
Mar 12, 2018Sarah rated it it was amazing
I want to be boutique.
Being boutique is about loving and serving people, which is EXACTLY me. In fact, I want to do it so bad, that I have a hard time imagining charging several hundred dollars for my photography. But I'm not worried about it yet. I'm just going to work on the action steps and things will go as they go.
Sarah puts practical, actionable steps at the end of each chapter. The biggest thing that everyone I'm learning from keeps saying is, 'find your ideal client'.
I don't own a business (yet) but out of the many books on small business I've read thus far, this has been the most approachable! I appreciated the lack of filler, it was straightforward and full of relevant case studies and first hand experience. I learned a lot from this book and will probably refer to it again once I get closer to owning a 'boutique business'!...more
If you are just starting out with your enterprise/business, this is really a good read on the marketing, branding & positioning front. And even if you’ve been around for a while, the book still has a lot of re-assurance and works as a good refresher for you business strategies.
Some overall challenging thoughts on high to think more highly of my small business and seek ways to provide more value. I wish there was an update though with more discussion on social media. There was very little on that topic or websites so it felt quite dated for modern business owners.
Loved it! It has helped my business tremendously. I highly recommend this book. Thank you, Sarah for taking the time to write this book. :)
This was a quick, easy, and useful read. I'm looking forward to using the information I learned in the future....more
Mar 28, 2021Sarah Willing rated it really liked it

Pdf Free Download Books

Very insightful for my business. Glad I picked it up! Easy read and gave me a lot of business points to think through and ideas to work through for implementation.
This book is geared towards business owners who want to have a unique, boutique business. It's focused on how to become that boutique business and how you can run a successful boutique without discounting all the time.
Petty says being boutique is 'about how you operate-it's a model of doing business, a filter for your business decisions, and a mind-set that makes your customers say you were worth every penny.' She points out that businesses that compete on price can't invade your territory when
The good: The authors have a strong point of view, and they emphasize it just to the point of sounding like a broken record, but no more. Small businesses are boutique businesses, and we don't compete well on price. We play better than anyone on the field of value and customer service (which blossoms in customer loyalty when we cultivate), with high-touch engagement, expertise, and an experience that emphasizes relationship above all. Our best marketing is a sample of what we do, not words descr...more
Nov 03, 2012Claire rated it really liked it
Definitely worth a read for anyone with or who wants to start a small business.
The subtitle of my copy actually read, 'Build a business that thrills your customers and still charge what you're worth.'
'Boutique is a business model, not a gift shop' is their main tenet. By providing quality, service, and expertise, you don't have to compete on price.
The book includes stories of actual boutique businesses of all sorts: a pilates instructor, plumber, and baker who sells cookies to name a few. It al
Sep 14, 2012Sakura Matura marked it as to-read
When businesses compete in today's marketplace, mammoth companies like Walmart and Amazon set low prices for their respective sectors and force everyone else to drop their prices, too, often at their economic peril. However, one class of business - boutique firms - chooses not to get into that boxing ring. These organizations set their own business terms by selling customized products and services at premium prices. Boutique business experts Sarah Petty and Erin Verbeck explain (and sometimes re...more
Jun 03, 2013Abbie Miller rated it really liked it
I've read a handful of business and marketing books and FINALLY this one is written for the SMALL ('boutique') business owner. It was so refreshing to hear some sound advice and beliefs about marketing that I could actually attempt, as opposed to reading about options that were so far out of my league that I might as well read with my eyes closed. Thank you for an energetic and motivating small business marketing book!...more
Apr 11, 2015Madisson rated it liked it
Being a boutique business isn't about what you sell. Instead, 'being boutique' is any small business in which the owners focus on creating specialized offerings and an over-the-top customer service that makes their customers say they were worth every penny.
The four core areas of this book are:
1. Branding
2. Products, Services, and Customer Experience
3. Price
4. Marketing and Sales
Good tips and helpful insights.
This book speaks to the heart and soul of the small business. It doesn't give you the advice to go big. It gives you the advice to do when you're small. You want to give your customers the detailed attention only you can give them. This advice is not scaleable.
I highly recommend it to those small businesses who want to give high-value attention to your customers and clients. This book will help you get there!
Sarah Petty produces solid info for small biz owners and this is a solid book if you're looking to go boutique with your business. There are several good case studies and info is well presented. I found it to be a little too basic for someone who already has a boutique biz, though....more
Great book for new business owners, especially those who typically hate business books. It's a quick and easy read full of good points and applicable for most professional service providers who are looking to fill a niche....more
Feb 09, 2016Stephanie Sutherlin rated it really liked it
This book was a lot of validation for me. It confirmed a lot of things I was already doing, and assured me that I was on the right path. For someone who is new to the boutique business model, it is a great read and full of information that can help mold your successful business.

Worth Every Penny PDF Free Download Windows 10

May 04, 2012Michael Koppelman marked it as to-read
I met the authors . Seems like a concept worth exploring.
Simply written, easy read. Really liked the part that talked about why you should discount or price match and why sites like groupon are really bad for your business.
Decent read for those starting or having just started a business, and even an owner struggling with the business they've had awhile....more
Very insightful and well-written advice for small business owners trying to separate themselves from the pack.
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